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December 25 2010

(SPOILER) Plot info for "The Avengers" revealed? Probably not. Ain't it Cool News reported on what may have turned out to be the real deal when it comes to just what "The Avengers" is about or, more specifically, who the villains will be and what their agenda is.

It's been confirmed, however, by that the information was erroneous.

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Interesting! Too bad the original article is subscriber only.
Well, that sounds like a pretty thin source of information to me.

Not sure how I feel about a big, sweeping, intergalactic Avengers. It could be great - I used to love those kinds of stories in the comic books - and it might solve the whole 'tone' problem, as melding all these weird characters in an otherworldly setting would probably be a bit easier. But that kind of plot is also harder to pull off and make convincing, in terms of looks (this'll probably be an even more CGI-heavy movie than I'd originally assumed, if accurate) and in terms of getting to the core of what these characters are about (as a galactic story will probably be big and sweeping).

But then again, it's Joss, and I'm pretty sure he's better at thinking up the right set of boundary conditions for a successful Avengers movie than I am. So if this is accurate, I have faith it'll turn out fine. In fact, as I'm typing this I'm suddenly reminded of the second Astonishing X-Men arc. That was galactic in scope and one of the best things Joss has ever written. So I guess it's all good ;).
I sort of suspected it would be the Kree-Skrull war, it's the only thing I can think of that feels big enough. I mean, we'll of already seen most of the Avengers tackling super-villains single-handedly in their own movies, so there would have to be a rather massive opposition to make the idea of a superhero team seem un-excessive.

The only other obvious villains would be Galactus (who's still owned by Sony) and Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.
... so there would have to be a rather massive opposition to make the idea of a superhero team seem un-excessive.

That's still the best argument. Joss has said, I think, that one thing the movie has to do is explain why in the world these disparate individuals would ever have to suddenly be working together. Answer: a threat that's rather big.
i'm still assuming it's the hulk myself.
So - inter-galactic alien invasion plot.

I could see that.

Who's gonna play the aliens?

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I gots my pick.
Skrulls will be played by digitally-replicated Priyanka Chopra.
I can't work out how to place a morgan freeman joke in here... soooo... FREEMAN!
I'm unconvinced by aliens. I know you have a God, a frozen super-solider and a guy with a flying suit of armor, but still, Aliens seem stretching it. And as humans as the Kree - Skrulls will be, it's still Aliens. Thanos for similar reasons is a bit crazy. I'd say Kang, but time travel has maybe the same problem. Who else? I would love to see them go up against a raged-out Hulk like the Ultimates did, but that'd be hard to fit in with the way the Hulk film ended. So maybe a Skrull - Kree invasion is the way forward. (Also, I don't envy Joss on this one. You've got to make Captain America and Hawkeye look useful alongside Iron Man (I have a the weaponary of a small country packed into my chest) and Thor (I am a God and can summon lightening). It's a lot to ask.)
Sparticus: I love love love The Ultimates, but I just can't see the Hulk working as the movie's villain, he doesn't seem problematic enough to call for more than just Thor or Iron Man.

Also, Hawkeye might not easily fit in, but Cap will. He's the leader and a tactical genius. Thor and Iron Man might beat him in a fistfight, but he'd dominate at Chess or Risk.
Jor: But that's kinda the problem with the Kree or Skrulls. Iron Man or Thor have all the power against them. I mean, I'm sure Joss can write his way out of it, but when up against someone like Kang, he maybe makes more sense. He still makes more sense than having Spiderman on the team though. As much as I love that guy, I'm not sure what he brings to the team other than japes.

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