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December 21 2003

Hollywood Studios look to a new market for revenue - TVDVD. I thought this roundtable of studio execs discussion might be of interest to Firefly fans as they talk about the future market of TV DVD in the pipeline, based on sales of TV shows box sets. They do make a point of online sales being important to the DVD market.

BTW - the Dunn in the following is 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment president Mike Dunn

THR: Is online generating significant sales?
Dunn: Online is important. is a significant customer, but in relation to WalMart and Best Buy and Target they're very small. The core demo, those 15 million early adopters, are clearly online. Our TV product does extremely well online.

THR: And now with TV DVD coming on so strong, there are even more titles to get in front of people.
Beeks: I think what's really amazing is something like what happened at Mike's company with (Fox's) "Family Guy," which only aired for one season but went on to become this phenomenal DVD success ...
Dunn: And we're going to go back into production on "Family Guy" specifically for the DVD market, as a result of the DVD success. I think this 34-year-old male, who is a very avid purchaser, fits right into the demo of our TV DVD business. The things that really work, like (Fox's) "The Simpsons" -- which will do 1.6 million units on Season One alone, over the period of a year and a half -- are in that sweet spot, and it's created a revenue source that didn't exist during the VHS days. It's that male consumer that has a high-end home entertainment system and is a collector.

Also over at TVShows on DVD they have reports on similar things happening to Babylon 5 and a possible 24 spin-off straight to DVD.

So could Firely be brought back to life as a series on TVDVD instead, seems plausible to me.

blue laser???...I better not be collecting DVD's and not be able to play them come 2007. UGH...will it never end??? LOL
Well, hopefully if they do upgrade the DVD format, the new players that we're forced to buy will still play our precious old DVDs. I'm sure by 2007 I could use a new player anyway. Good article, though I have to point out that Family Guy was on Fox for three seasons, not just one. The idiocy at the network was slower than usual with that one.

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