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December 27 2010

Tim Minear talks frankly about 'Terriers' cancellation. Part 1 of an exclusive interview.

I like that 'Firefly' is recognized as legendary. And I'm surprised to see that I am the one and only person who voted in the 'What is you pop culture New Year's Resolution for 2010' (you all probably didn't vote because of the bad grammar and the fact that new year's resolutions should be for 2011). Anyway my vote was to "save up entire life's savings to attend Comic-Con 2011 because I'm guessing Joss will have an 'Avengers' preview to show off!
Hahaha, embers, I super hope that's true. I somehow got tickets a few weeks ago when they done that 1000 ticket trial thing. So, in 2011, I need to sort out flights and everything!

Really great interview, as well. I skipped the season 2 parts because I haven't finished the the show, but I love Tim interviews. Even if the only time I really read them after after the show has ended.
Very interesting interview, thanks for posting it!

"FIREFLY, which was a resounding failure on a network, the lowest numbers we ever got were more than the biggest numbers BUFFY ever got on the WB or on UPN."

I definitely did not know that.

I'm looking forward to the second part of the interview, and to Chicago Code. Anything that Mr. Minear works on is absolutely worth checking out.
I hated to see Terriers go, enjoyed the show. Chicago Code is going to have to get along without me..So tired of cop shows.
"FIREFLY, which was a resounding failure on a network, the lowest numbers we ever got were more than the biggest numbers BUFFY ever got on the WB or on UPN."

I didn't know that either.
"FIREFLY, which was a resounding failure on a network, the lowest numbers we ever got were more than the biggest numbers BUFFY ever got on the WB or on UPN."

Thats... not how I remember it. But you don't argue with Mr. Minear.
I love Tim.

Let's all hope Chicago Code is a success, for Tim's sake. (I will also be hoping it is for my sake, as his shows make me happy ;)) *crosses fingers*
I'm going to hope for a Terriers TV movie, which continues the saga of the OB detectives.
Seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy did a little better than Firefly, but the rest were definitely worse. Only season 1 of Angel did slightly better than Firefly. The other 4 were much worse. Tim is mostly right.
"FIREFLY, which was a resounding failure on a network, the lowest numbers we ever got were more than the biggest numbers BUFFY ever got on the WB or on UPN."

Yeah, that's definitely not true. In fact, only Buffy's first and last seasons averaged lower than Firefly's single season. (Season five was approximately tied in the demo.)

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Where can I get the demos for Firefly, anyhow? This prompted me to search for them, and I couldn't find them.
Decent questions, I thought, and she knew her stuff. Looking forward to the second part.

Tim always sounds so damn fair and philosophical:

"Sometimes itís just a mystery of timing, of alchemy, of whatever, the mood that the countryís in at the time and the mood that the audience is in at the time, how something launches."

I wanted to rail at the world - at least for a bit - when Terriers was cancelled, but the attitude of the show's creators really cooled my jets about it. I remain disappointed, though.

This is kinda what I'd imagined:

"But the idea of starting with Brit in prison and not picking up exactly where we left off, but after some period of things having been shaken up a little bit is probably where we would have come in."

Bummer - that we don't get to see it, I mean. And I do want to hear anything additional Tim has to say about Dollhouse.
The numbers I have for Firefly's premiere were 5.1 million, first among adults 18-49 for timeslot. Buffy season 6 finished with 3.6 million viewers.
Here you go nuccbko, Firefly's ratings. And also Buffy's. So 'Firefly' started out beating Buffy in some seasons, blipped up to around 5.2 million viewers for 'Bushwacked' (the second broadcast episode) then fell fairly quickly and by the end was doing quite a bit worse than Buffy's best. Remembering of course that Buffy was on a much smaller network with fewer potential viewers.

So it's a mistake and what that means is... Tim Minear is human (which can happen to the best of us ;).

Tim always sounds so damn fair and philosophical:

Right ? The guy virtually oozes equanimity. And I for one very much appreciate his attitude towards making the first 13 a story more or less unto itself. Makes the pain (as a viewer) of his shows dying that bit less.

Cool interview. Read that about John Landgraf on The AV Club, about how he carried out market research into why the show failed to try to determine if there was a way to justify bringing it back (OK, the research methodology was flawed - at least as he reports it - but at least the guy tried, it's great to see that at least one network head has integrity and makes an effort to actually understand how things work rather than just using e.g. tea leaves to predict shows, as i'm sure isn't but sometimes seems to be the case).
We're very lucky John Landgraf persevered against pressure and allowed us, the viewers, to see all 13 episodes. Not so with Caprica, which I'm not sure now when we get to see the rest of this season.
You can see Caprica all on BitTorrent as studios hate cashy money.

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Unless plans have changed (and they may have), the last five episodes of "Caprica" are supposed to air in a marathon on Syfy on Tues. Jan. 4.
Shapenew, thank you!!
Yeah, it's still pretty disrespectful to the show IMO (to burn all the eps off in one night) but at least they're airing them.
Respect only gets you so far in a business that's about making money. As it is, they're basically writing off that night of programming.
I'm aware it's a business, doesn't mean I have to like all of what that entails.

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