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December 27 2010

Buffy-palooza at Wizard World New Orleans ComicCon!! New Orleans Comic Con is next month, the 29-30. SIX "Buffy" cast members will be in attendance. Will you?

Nicholas Brendon, Kelly Donavon, James Marsters, James C. Leary, Julie Benz and Clare Kramer are scheduled to appear.

Calling it Comic Con is a bit misleading.
Calling Kelly Donavon a cast member is also a bit misleading :)
Hey, I'm just going by what the site says. They're calling it BuffyFest New Orleans, during their Comic Con. It's all right there at the top of the page.

And Kelly showed up a couple times - as Xander's double and also at least once when Nick was sick, although I can't think of the episode off the top of my head.

And who edited my post?
Calling it Comic Con is a bit misleading.

San Diego Comic-Con is not the only convention in the U.S. that uses Comic-Con, or Comic Con, or ComicCon, or whatever. NY has one. Chicago has one. New Orleans has one.
damn! Why do Americans get all the fun?
And who edited my post?

I did as when people see Comic Con they tend to think of the one in San Diego.
Ahh. Ta Simon.

I figured folks'd know there are a lot of Comic Cons, 'cause I'm pretty sure I've seen posts for other ones here in the past. 'parently not. My total bad.

Just thought folks would like to know about a gathering of quite a few actors who've appeared on "Buffy" in some capacity.
Even Detroit has a Comic-Con. But there's really only one Comic-Con.
"Xander Harris, Buffy’s reliable and clown-fearing sidekick"

random! funny.
Calling it a Buffyfest is fricken' misleading!! Much thanks to Shadowquest for avoiding that particular moniker. Hee!
At its main site, I counted at least 7 different cities in which Wizard World is mounting a Comic Con. It's a real cottage industry. Someone I would love to see in person wrote to me and mentioned the Chicago Con but I am not at all sure about attending, not knowing anything about this franchise, and being a very seldom-attending conventioneer (one remembers the yanked con in Los Angeles several years back and the backup bash). Chicago is a long way to go to be disappointed. But if I were in New Orleans or nearby, I would take a chance on seeing the Buffy cast members, for sure.
The precise term "Comic-Con" is registered and reserved to the non-profit organization that produces the Comic-Con International: San Diego, which is usually referred to as Comic-Con. That organization also produces "WonderCon" & the "Alternative Press Expo".

Many, many, other shows attempt to ride on their coattails by incorporating a close approximation of the "Comic-Con" designation, such as "Comic Con", "ComicCon", etc. The terms are definitely not interchangeable.

Wizard is a despicable organization that has a long history of treating it's employees and customers in a reprehensible manner that includes numerous instances of theft, false advertising and mail fraud. Unfortunately, Wizard continues to run a number of conventions that remain in business and feature alums from BtVS and other Joss Whedon shows, as well as other people well known in the entertainment industry.

I hope that this helps to clarify the situation.

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