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December 28 2010

Latest Avengers rumours are unfounded. SuperHeroHype decided to check to see if the news about the villians was true. The website says "the information published in the Albuquerque Journal was not officially released through Marvel Studios and can instead be attributed to a research error on the part of the newspaper".

Googlin' The Avengers gave out the story Albuquerque Journal ran - that's how large portions of stories are written nowadays.

One of the people who was in the running for directing at one stage actually spilled what the plot is in a video interview a few months back. It flew under the radar.
Although Mr Whedon could find a way to make it work, having aliens (especially the Kree and Skrull with their history) would be a needless complication to a movie juggling several main characters and a few new secondaries.

This is an "appetizer" movie. They can go hog wild in the sequel. There are enough baddies with power that can be used without making things too baroque. (A.I.M. and the Super-Adaptoid; Count Nefaria getting super powers; Ultron; Kang)
Yeah, I'd have to say that I don't see Marvel going with the Kree-Skrull war in the very first Avengers movie...the storyline would swamp the characters. I'm guessing they go with the likes of Ultron or Kang instead.

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