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December 28 2010

Win a video chat with Eliza and help celebrate her birthday! She is asking fans to donate and spread the word to help former child soldiers in Uganda. There's lots of ways you can help, and you could win a 10 minute live video chat with Eliza herself. There's two up for grabs - one via eBay and one as a giveaway for tweeting about the cause.

Eliza is auctioning off a video chat here (ending 4 January 2011). As mentioned in a previous post, you can also donate to THARCE-Gulu via And for those who spread the word on twitter, Eliza also promises a free video chat to one random person who retweets and uses the tag #303030Bday.

THARCE-Gulu is a charity started by Eliza's mother Judy Dushku, which is seeking to raise the $30,000 necessary to build a comprehensive recovery center for former child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda.

Eliza is also going to be giving away a free video chat to a random Twitter follower who retweets either the donation link or the video chat auction link along with the #303030bday hashtag.
Didn't we do this? (I hesitate to say that, given the goodness of the cause.)
Bix, we did the Tonic fundraiser. The video chat auction and video chat give-away are new.
Yeah, I notice that now.
I've modified the first post to highlight the video chat auction & give-away, so as not to cause confusion between this and the previous Tonic post.

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I did a little more editing for clarity and added a few links.
This is lovely! I will donate, but honestly, I would be intimidated to talk with Eliza for 10 minutes. I think I would rather send her an email saying thanks! I've never met anyone remotely famous, and certainly not one of my favorite screen personalities!

What would I talk about? I couldn't tell her how much I like her work as Faith or Echo. That would be so fannish and pointless. I couldn't ask her about work or the weather, even, because we don't live next door. Gosh I would be at a total loss, except to say thanks for using your influence to do something important.
Her efforts to raise awareness for it on Twitter have taken on a life of their own. Kudos.
I should also point out that THARCE-Gulu is now listed on eBay's Giving Works, so anyone can start their own auctions to raise funds for the charity.

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