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December 29 2010

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales' out this week in comic book shops. The hardcover collection contains "stories from MySpace Dark Horse Presents #31 and #32; Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem parts 1 and 2; Buffy: Tales of the Vampires one-shot; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires #1--#5; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayers #1--"Broken Bottle of Djinn"; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayers TPB".

The Buffy/Angel/Spike cover art can be found here and is also available as a desktop wallpaper.

To put it in delicate, scientific terms, this book is frickin' big. It's also really great and worth picking up, even if you've read the Tales stories in another format. There's something about an oversized edition that really works for me. It feels like the story has space to breath, each panel a full-sized window.

I hope all of Season 8 eventually gets collected this way, too.
*grumble* neither of the comic shops near me have it :(
Only $20 on Amazon. I think I know where my gift card is going...
This is gorge. The overside volume does justice as project bitsy states. Had to go a bit out of my way to find it, only one out of the three comic shops had it in my town, and it wasn't the store that I usually get books from either. Priced for 29.99 but I got it for 25 flat as year end sales are rampant now. It has an intro by Scott Allie a small cover gallery of the variants (the regular covers preface each story told) and a red ribbon book mark. It has a lovely Jo Chen dust jacket cover to boot!

So, in short, worth the 25 buckaroos.
It sounds like a beautiful piece of work. I can't wait for the Season 8 deluxe hardcover edition. It's gonna be a thing of beauty.
When does that come out, Emmie?

Agreed that the HC is massive yet amazing. Looking forward to reading all of the content for the first time!
Confusion here, Dark Horse main site says in upcoming it's a January 12th release but in Buffy Zone it's buy now
Personally I find their HC expensive

[ edited by demon magnet on 2010-12-30 20:16 ]
The Dark Horse site isn't the most reliable indicator of when their products ship out to comic stores.
My local comic shop has it listed as release for this week, but their shipment of this week's releases has been delayed because of the holidays.
Yeah according to Bleeding Cool it's only DC comics that made to the UK this week. Looks like I'll be getting Tales next week.
So I haven't really been paying attention to this because I thought it was just old stories repackaged- is it not? Are there new stories? I want to go to the comic store and look to find out but haven't managed it yet...
16.38 on Amazon UK and 'Absolute' size as well, bargain.

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