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December 29 2010

Rumour - Marvel seeking another actress to add to The Avengers lineup. That info is from The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog, so it has the air of truth to it.

"Sources say Marvel is looking for another actress to, um, (un)beef up the lineup"

Eliza, Felicia or Summer?
I hope Jewel. She hasn't really been in anything for quite a while, it'd be nice to see her shine.
Morena has been previously mentioned as a potential Wasp.
I think SMG would be amazing as Wasp. My only opinion on the character comes from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (brilliant) cartoon, where she is younger, I believe, than what she is normally. She's also very witty, strong and pretty. Basically, SMG, no?
SMG would work. If they want to go younger, Summer would be a good choice too. But for my money, Amy has Janet Van Dyne stamped all over her.
Summer and Morena both have TV shows currently filming. They won't be available. I'd be beyond shocked if any woman over 30 was cast (not saying that is right, just saying that's the way it is) so that rules out SMG and Eliza.
Told you I didn't like even numbers.

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Charisma? Emma? Amber? Dichen? No, still too obvious. Oh, I know!!

Nathan, in a dress, with a wig! It would be spectacular. The world would never be the same.

Honestly though, whoever Joss picks is going to be the right choice because he is just awesome about casting. I mean, he cast Nathan, who could totally rock a miniskirt and still be badass. Not that I'm saying that's the way they should go... merely suggesting. :P
Hrm brinderwalt, but isn't that just two girls which would also be an even number? It'be be great if Whedon could bring along some of his lower profile folk though. (Well high too...) I was just thinking it'd be like Tom Lenk in Transformers where it'd be relatively easy for them to slip into a role without as much baggage.
Yeah, even numbers are everywhere, s'why I cut off one of my fingers - 10 is one of the more disgusting of all even numbers (so is 8 before anyone gets pedantic ;). Wouldn't hate another woman in the team itself (maybe Wasp) though as i've said before, that's pretty much the best Avengers lineup they could have IMO (allowing for character licencing limitations) so i'm not sure which female character would really add to it (and i'm not particularly into adding a character that doesn't bring anything except an extra X chromosome).
Even-numbered teams mean no clearly displayable leadership patterns in team activities (such as press photos...) and the literal exclusion of such fundamental grouping occurrances as the odd man out.

What can I say - the dynamics of group behavior and the underlying psychology behind it is one of my favorite areas of study...
I wonder how much this will mean in terms of script rewrites.
Maybe it came out of the script rewrites, Simon.
I'd like to think that. But my paranoia wonders if Marvel execs looked at the line-up and then looked at the audience demographics and thought "maybe we should add a women".
Then they're shit at maths (hint: women make up more than 2/7 of the population ;). Or maybe you mean they looked at the audience demographics and thought "Maybe we should add more boobs" which is my own fear (not that Joss is going to write it like that but if that's the way the pressure's being exerted it bodes unwell).

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