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December 30 2010

Happy birthday Eliza Dushku. Her birthday wish came true!

Another reason to love Eliza. :)
And the day has barely begun! The total went up by $16K yesterday along. I wonder how high we can push it today, before her bday is over...
Happy Eliza.

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Happy birthday Eliza!!

And cute pic gossi. I don't have a Facebook so I missed that pic, and the adorable one with her dog awwwwwwwww.
Eliza Dushku is neat! Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Eliza Dushku!
"You say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too!"

Happy Birthday Eliza! I'm glad you got your birthday wish.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZA! And hurrah for Tonic! Now THAT'S how you do a birthday wish! :)
Happy birthday, Eliza!

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