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December 30 2010

First look at Alyson Hannigan's Simpsons character. Her episode will air on January 16th.

Is she the kid or the adult?
i may be short some braincells today. I am sure the answer is right in front of me. lol
She's the kid (see for details). Her character is named Melody.

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Interesting. I stopped watching The Simpsons after the movie. After how good the movie was, the show just didn't measure up anymore. It's sad. The first 10 seasons were so good. Will probably tune in for this one though. Who knows, maybe it's gotten better than I remember.
I thought the same thing, re: the film, but it still is more comparable to recent episodes than the early Simpsons. Occasionally you still get a good later episode, but it all looks so clinical now its... just not very enjoyable to watch. It's a very "loud" show, too. Never used to be half as much. I'll probably watch this one.

American Dad is the best FOX cartoon right now for my money.
Really? I'd think that the best Foxx cartoon is still Futurama, even if it has been banished to the cable hinterlands. Where it's properly appreciated as a beloved gem. (And it's basically like Firefly! ...In that there is parcel delivery in some capacity but they're not exceptionally great at things going off without a hitch. In Space.)

Anyway I too was a little thrown off and wasn't sure who was playing which role since it honestly could go either way. While Wiig is sometimes a bit over the top I still think she can be incredibly funny-- I sort of wonder what affiliation there is between the two though, since normally stunt/guest star casting with such big-ish names would go with more familiar pairings.
I'll definitely put some Futurama episodes on the same level as the later American Dad ones, but no, I wasn't even considering that as a FOX show now. AD, for the most part now, caters to my continuity geek more than any other animated show on air. They've developed the show and the characters can even remember the episode prior. It is a bit ironic that I'm saying this a couple months after South Park went batshit insane developing its own mythos and tying in and referencing gags from 10 years ago. But, sitll, AD works for me. Feels more like The Flintstones than anything else.

Futurama, as a whole, is a much better show. I hated the films (except for Bender's Big Score) but I thought this latest season brought it around quite a bit. "The Late Philip J. Fry" is definitely up there with the pilot, and some of the greatest S4 episodes. :)

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