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December 30 2010

Vote for Nathan Fillion's Castle for E! Online's Best TV Show of 2010. It is one of those vote as many times as you want polls. So do that.

Voting ends Jan. 3.

I love my captain, but Supernatural is the much superior show.
Ooh, sorry Supernatural. This season so far does not merit the top slot. Castle all the way!
Best show? Nah. If it was for best actor or character, certainly, but to me, Castle's just a mediocre show with a top notch lead. Heck, he's the only reason I still watch it, just can't get enough of him. Cop shows, ugh. The Unusuals was the only one of those I've ever liked, and that lasted a whole, what, 10 episodes?

Sorry, gotta support Supernatural here.
'Castle' given that choice (slightly unfair of me too cos I haven't actually seen 'Supernatural') but how did it come down to those two in the first place ? I mean the show's fun and Nathan's great in it but it's never the best show of 2010 (IMO, obv.).
I loved the Unusuals, watched it all the way through twice (thank you, hulu) and watch Castle without fail though it's far less coppy than Unusuals. But I don't watch Supernatural. Nathan gets my vote because he's a favorite, "Doughy rogue" and all.

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