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December 31 2010

The results of the Buffy values survey. Remember this epic survey from a couple of weeks ago? Well there was over 700 responses to it and the Watcher Junior blog now has a breakdown of the results.

So I guess I'm a proud 26 percenter.

They tend to be very fannish, with 2/3 having five or more fannish interests in their lifetime...that's me. (and probably you, too)

Comics and star wars as a kid and baseball, films and buffy as an adult--woohoo!
Very interesting. I would be more than happy to take more of these surveys. The first one was really fun!
@Giles_314... I'm open to suggestions as to which work to do next.
Fascinating read. I didn't take the survey, but I seem to fit the general results very well.
Firefly/Serenity would be cool. It would also be interesting to see how people feel Angel differs from Buffy, if at all.
Interesting reading, as you'd expect the survey I actually took represents me more closely (the other one, by Claudia Rebaza, is true on some points but i'm apparently already in a minority in the fandom because i'm male - must admit, I expected some imbalance there but the extent of it surprises me, when I get a - less hungover ;) - minute I may look for more details to see if there's maybe something skewing the results).

On the points of least agreement i'd say the "self-reliance" question is in slight conflict with the importance of groups, friends, found families etc. on the show, hence the mixed results (some may see "independence" as doing without other people full stop, others - myself included - might see it as more about not needing institutional support). The "eternal life" issue may be partly down to the world-view of the individual (i.e. if you don't believe in it it's going to inform your interpretation less) but it may also just be that people mistook the question to be "It's featured in the show" rather than specifically "It's portrayed as important in the show" - there's no doubt it's featured but seeking eternal salvation isn't usually (if ever) the aim of the characters IMO, preserving Earthly existence is almost always the objective (on BtVS anyway, on 'Angel', certainly to begin with, redemption - saving his soul if you like - is a big part of it).

And 'Angel' would be my next preference for a survey just because I think there's going to be more cross-over of fans from Buffy to 'Angel' and it'd be interesting to see how the same people view the different shows (on that BTW roguerouge, i'm curious - since you didn't take any identifying information and since the ballot stuffers used different IP addresses, how could you tell they were the same people ?).
The ballot-stuffers used copy and paste for their comments. And did it back to back to back.
Ah, yep, that'd do it. Maybe not the sharpest cookies in the toolbox then ;).

(kind of boggles as to why anyone'd do that to begin with)
Wow, very interesting. On the question, "It is important to have salvation", I think I remember scoring that being important on a low scale. It may have struck me as one of those values voiced by self-important religious people who are constantly either saying, "I'm saved", or asking "Are you saved?" When I think of Angel and his quest to help humanity, for instance, I think of atonement, the betterment of karma for his spirituality's sake. And I don't see anyone in the Buffyverse needing to be saved. Perhaps it has a differing intent than how I read it, but I wonder if it struck others who took the survey that way.
Is it possible to have a gander at some of the comments that people left? I'd be interested to know what kind of qualifying comments people made and whether they explained their choices at all.

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