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December 31 2010

Suggested New Year's Resolutions for TV Showrunners from the Pacific Northwest Inlander. Explicit mention of Tim, implicit reference to Joss (I'm thinking), and just general all-round sense being spoken.

To always try to be my best.
Now I'm just starting to feel abused.
We all know you usually only get cancelled again after at least 13 episodes, Tim.

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Saw this a while ago. Tropetastic!

ETA: Tim you should start pushing the five-part 4 hour per episode tv programming model.

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Everyone should work with Timmy Purple because we'll get fantastic shows of which we cannot possibly tire - - because, well, you know...
The article's comment about narration was I am afraid right on. Unless you use multiple narrators your narrator's voice is going to likely wear thin over time for some. Not a majority perhaps but enough to hurt your show. I am convinced that that helped kill 2 shows of Bryan Fuller's.
I tend to love voice over narration. Think it was one of the mayor strong points of both Dexter, Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Arrested Development and always liked the rare narration in Buffy too.

Didn't really like the Sorkin bashing either. Last week I watched The Social Network and it reminded me the man's a genius. Would love it if he wins an Oscar for it and won't have to share this award with anyone.

The Tim suggestion however is a very wise one.

Happy new year everyone!
And to you the Groosalugg ;).

VO narration can be a crutch but I don't dislike it in principle. On 'Dexter' though it's sometimes overused IMO (they sometimes have him VO things that an actor like Michal C Hall could easily convey with an expression, it's a bit on the nose, particularly now, when we've known the character for 5 years).

“I resolve to answer at least one ‘will-they or won’t-they?’ romantic pairing with a definitive ‘they won’t.’"

Oh hellz yeah. This guy for President of Creating Stuff. If he ran on a platform of this and "I resolve to not split screen couples up in a horribly contrived way just so I can bring them back together again later on" i'd vote for him (yeah 'Bones', I went there).

And then to follow that with a 'Community' reference in the very next resolution ? +1 internet, blogger type person, One Hour Hero™ status conferred, use it wisely.

“I resolve to let Tim Minear write and direct at least one episode of my show, even though it will likely mean my show will be canceled within five episodes.”

I really take issue with this. Five seems unduly optimistic.

(jes' kiddin' Mr Tim Minear ;)
The article's comment about narration was I am afraid right on. Unless you use multiple narrators your narrator's voice is going to likely wear thin over time for some.

Depends on who's doing the narration. Some people I could stand to listen to all day. Others... not so much.
That's some bad list, Harry.
Veronica Mars had voice over, no?
Yes, and an excellent one at that, janef! Strange that I didn't mention it myself, as I'm rewatching it at the moment and its still such a brilliant series.
It's a noir staple (maybe because some of the more influential early noir novels were written in first person ?) so VM almost had to have it.
Oh, and Peep show is another brilliant example of TV voice over use of course!
VO narration didn't kill Bryan Fuller shows, the Bryan-Fuller-ness of them killed them, and I really liked them for it. I mean, especially for Pushing Daisies, it's sort of necessary to give it that (kinda twisted) fairy tale feeling that the show was clearly intending.
And Jim Dale was the perfect choice IMO. Surprised me to hear him on it (over here he's mainly known for the "Carry On..." films) until I discovered that he read the Harry Potter audio books in the US.

(wouldn't lose George's VO from 'Dead Like Me' either, show would've been poorer for it)

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