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"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til ya understand who's in ruttin' command here."
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December 31 2010

Assignment X interview:Tim Minear talks Drive, Terriers & more: Part 3. In the final part of a three-part interview Tim talks about Drive, Terriers and the differences between running a show solo versus in collaboration with creative partners.

While I'm looking forward to The Chicago Code, I would love to see Tim back on FX with Ted Griffin or Shawn Ryan or Joss or -- well, I guess I'd just love to see Tim back on FX. :)
Yeah, the Tim/Ted Griffin/FX supercombo is the way forward IMO, at least as long as John "Actually seems to be a reasonable and intelligent human being" Landgraf is there (it's a family name, from his mother's side ;).

All the 'Terrier's stuff was fascinating but I thought my head was gonna fall off from nodding at two points in particular - when he lauded Donal Logue for being so subtle and real in the role of Hank and when he talked about Katie and the "roofie option" cos I remember at the time watching and thinking "Oh no, don't tell me 'Terriers' is gonna do 'A Very Special...'" but nope, the option they went for felt bitterly true from a character perspective and opened the Brit/Katie story up while keeping everything grounded, just a nigh perfect choice IMO.
I find it amazing he had to go through all that work to convince someone Nathan Fillion is a star. Incredible.
That was my takeaway as well, electricspacegirl. Man has charisma and talent up the wazoo. How could any sentient being need eight months to see that?

ETA: Also, I would love to see Tim's choice of clips to win TPTB over. I could never narrow it down enough, myself.

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I remember somebody once telling me birthing a TV show is as painful as childbirth, whilst also facing being punched in the face by idiocy all the time.

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