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December 31 2010

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2011: loads of Whedonverse comics (Buffy, Angel, Spike & Dollhouse), news about the release of The Cabin in The Woods (well we can dream can't we?) and the countdown to The Avengers.

Presumably there will be an Avengers trailer and footage in time for Comic-Con.

Happy new year, all!
Happy New Year from The Netherlands.

Had a job interview the other day and they asked me what I was proud of, and I told them all about this little site of ours.

news about the release of The Cabin in The Woods

Ahh, but only news. Not the actual RELEASE of the movie!

Happy New Year, Whedonesqueteers!
Happy New year all!
Caroline, you should've shown them the New York Magazine piece from a few years ago that called us : "one of the Net’s most powerful online fan communities".

Happy New Year to everyone, from the time of this posting, I'm still 90 minutes away from the 2010 side of the fence in my local timezone.
Happy New Year to everyone :)
4.5 hours to go here ...
Re: The Cabin in the Woods comes one remark from Newsarama I've not heard elsewhere:
Longtime Angel collaborators Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon teamed up to reinvent the “people stranded in the woods” horror trope. Filmed in early 2009, the movie has been pushed back several times with the studio now expected to release it in the spring.
Emphasis added. Wonder where they get that idea.
Woo. Can't wait for ComicCon. I hope the panel/Joss Whedon experience is filled with awesomeness. It'll be my first one flying there. I wonder what else will happen once The Avengers has wrapped. Big budget Joss will be a definitely a sight to behold.

(I apologise for any grammatical/spelling mistakes due to drunkenness!)

Happy new year, Whedonesque!
Happy New Year! I was sad to take down my Dr. Horrible calendar, since there doesn't seem to be a 2011 version. There just aren't many calendars out there for the aspiring evil mastermind I mean fan.
Happy new year everyone!!
Happy New Year! Wishing us all better days in 2011.
Happy New Year everyone!

Let me just say that it has been wonderful sharing all of the whedon-related awesomeness, this year especially, with you all. Whedonesque is one of the best fan communities on the net, and here's to an awesome 2011.

Looking forward to more comic book discussions, Avengers news, and other random greatness to be had in the year ahead.
Happy New Year, my people! <3

2011 is going to rock because I'm teaching a Firefly class next term! Yay me!
At this point I'd be less surprised to see a Serenity sequel than I would to see Cabin in the Woods get a release
Godt Nytt År from Norway! It's been 2011 for more than three hours here, and it feels pretty good so far! :)
Here's to health, happiness and oodles of Jossiness for the new year! And thank you for proving to me on a daily basis that there are more people like me in this world!! Deeply grateful!
Kisses from -C

Edited for additional comment:
Caroline -- Proud?! PROUD?!? If I were you, I'd tattoo Whedonesque on my forehead and wear it like a badge of honor for the rest of my days!!! I am eternally grateful for your (and all the admins') hard work! (Little tipsy, so please pardon any inappropriate language/unorthodox spelling)

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Happy New Year to all. I'm hoping for news about Goners, myself. Something along the lines of "After I finish The Avengers, I plan to make Goners at last."
Happy New Year, Whedonites! May dreams come true in 2011, good health, good fandom activities (when on earth will the Comic-Con passes go on sale?)

Happy New Year to the VIPS: Joss, Tim, Brian, Jane, Steven, et al, who have worked so hard to entertain us in the past. I look forward to all of your new ventures coming up.
I wish all of you a Safe and Happy New Year!
If I were you, I'd tattoo Whedonesque on my forehead and wear it like a badge of honor for the rest of my days!!!
Hee. Perfect for any job interview.

Happy New Year everyone! One of my resolutions is to start checking back here more often again.
I got the BluRay Firefly and just watched the extra commentary and the lunch with Ron, Joss, Nathan and Alan. Some of it was laugh out loud funny.
Happy New Year to all the actors, writers and cast who have made our favourite shows,
happy new year! it's been the new year for almost 14 hours now (in australia), but better late then never. I just hope 2011 is better then 2010, i guess considering the Buffy comic lineup, it might actually be pretty good.
What is cabin in the woods actually about, have we gotten a synopsis or something. all i've deduced is that a bunch of people go to a cabin in the woods. AND the tagline made me laugh out loud! have we gotten and plot summary or something?

LOVE that lunch with Ron, Joss, Nathan, and Alan. It is an absolute MUST for any Firefly fanatic. Sooooo much fun.
Happy New Year's, Whedonesquers. We still have almost three hours to go in this neck of the woods.

Caroline, you deserve to be very proud of this site and those who help keep it the safe and respectful place it (mostly!) is.

Wishing the best of everything good for 2011 - especially lots of Joss news.
Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year!

I, too, wish the best in 2011 for all at Whedenoesque and all those involved in creating the Whedonverses. Thanks for all the fond memories, and I look forward to all the new ones this coming year.
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to all Whedonesquers!

Sleep now. :_0
Caroline, you should've shown them the New York Magazine piece from a few years ago that called us : "one of the Net’s most powerful online fan communities".

Or that Joss interview where he mentions Whedonesque in the same breath as porn. Yep, the porn. I'm getting a little misty just thinking about it.

(seems as good a place as any to thank Caroline and the mods for helping to make this place this place so, y'know, thanks ;)

Happy New Year everyone, hope 2011 brings you only good things.

(here's something I discovered BTW - if you drink until 5 am you don't necessarily feel top of the world the "next" day. In previous years i'd already confirmed it for various other times like 4:50, 5:05 and so on but the principle definitely still holds for 5 am on the dot. Good intel that, feel free to use it in your own lives)
Happy New Year, Whedonesque. Good luck in 2011!
Happy new year, everyone! :).

For what it's worth: I can confirm much of what Saje is saying. In my case, though, it was 6:30, I didn't drink, but I did dance and party pretty much all night. Plus, I was away with a couple of friends the week before. Sleeping just shy of 3 hours the day before new year's eve: not such a good idea ;).

Also, I'm jumping on the band wagon in thanking Caroline and the mods for a great site. I've been finding myself with a bit less time than in previous years for posting, because of an overcrowded off-line schedule, but I can't quite imagine ever not coming here anymore, however crowded/busy it gets. Which says enough.
Happy new year and all the best for 2011.

Thanks to everyone on Whedonesque - whether your name appears in orange, purple or a sort of light green - you make this site what it is. I can't imagine having anything else as my home page.
The bayberry candle burned down all the way to the socket. It's going to be a good year. :)

Here's to the mods! Thanks for your care and attention and timely responses. (Thanks Simon, all logged in now and everything. :D) I love Caroline's WHEDONesque. I'm lifting my glass(es) of water to y'all. (Sounds like I'm not the only one here who needs it. Heh.)

Happy New Year Everyone!
Happy new year, friends! Here's to a splendid '11.
A Happy New Year to All !
Feliz Ano Novo!!!

I just felt like changing it up.
I read an article that suggested Cabin may be referenced in the MGM bankruptcy documents. I haven't worked out how to get the documents to check, though. I'm interested to know who owns it now.

Also, Happy New Year!
Late to the party (you can't stop the signal, but you can have limited access to it) but join the heartfelt wishes to all of you and yours for a lovely new year.

Also join in thanks to Caroline and the Mods - joining Murder Rubicon in the pantheon of great WHEDONesque bands - for helping make this one of the more civilized places on the blinnernets.

In addition to our beloved-yet-mysterious Goners and Cabin in the Woods, I also look forward to some news about "A Fan's Hope" about which I've heard little since Comic-Con.

I also raise a glass (of now-stale champagne) to absent friends, and the newly-returned (heya, jcs, missed you), and to the founder of the feast, our Jossir, wherever he may be.

May your troubles be few, and all your days be Whedony and bright.
P.S. to Happy New Year/Good Yuntif (that's Happy New Year in Yiddish): A big thank you to the moderators here for keeping Whedonesque going, as it is a great source of news and a forum for intelligent conversation.
Happy New Year, one and all!
Happy New Year to all!

@Sunfire - This may interest you.
Merry New Year all!
Happy New Year everyone :) This is home from home.
@Sunfire, I too was sad to take down my Dr. Horrible 2010 calendar. At least I now have a 2011 Mad Men calendar. I'm definitely looking forward Cabin in the Woods, hopefully this will be the year! Happy New Year everyone!
FWIW, the title bar on now reads "Coming in 2011", as does the Flash file that plays.

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Actually, maybe I'm brain farting and it changed to that sometime last year. But I do notice that the most recent copyright record for the film puts ownership in the hands not of MGM itself but United Artists Productions Finance LLC.
Yeah, Cabin site changed last year b!X.

There's no way it's releasing on schedule.
Belated Happy New Year, guys!

This is the first chance I've had to get online so running a little behind schedule with my New Year best wishes! Hope you all get everything that you're hoping for out of 2011! Unless you're hoping for bad things...

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