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January 01 2011

A clip from one of the Buffy Motion Comic DVD extras. It features Jeph Loeb and Jane Espenson.

The voices bother me. When I read the comics, I hear Sarah, Nick and Allyson in my head.
I watched the motion comics and got over the voices a few episodes in.
the motion comics aren't that bad. they were a lot better then it looked in the trailer. but i'd prefer an animated series AND the comic books (without motion).
:) I preordered mine with my Tales hardback since I seriously doubt my Best Buy is going to get any of the motion comic on Tuesday...
Do we know yet if the writers are getting paid from these?
As far as we know, they're not.
Thanks, Gossi. Then I'm not buying them. Note to the PTB: start paying the writers and you'll start getting my money.

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