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December 21 2003

Buffy up for music accolade. 'Once More With Feeling' is in the running to be named the greatest musical of all time.

Well we're among the greats, I'm gonna gaze into my crystal ball and say we'll get 5th position.

Well, it's got my vote for #1 and there are a lot of musicals on that list that I truly love but I bet your right, Simon, that it will most likely end up around #5.
The article says the show "remained just a one-off" because SMG "hated it." That's totally wrong! Maybe she didn't much like the singing, but I never heard anything but that all the cast members were proud of that episode. They didn't do it again because once was enough and it was exhausting for everyone. Where do these writers get their information??
The only comment I remember reading about SMG and a second Buffy musical was that she didnt think shed be able to do it again, because, because she wanted to do it well, she'd put a hell of a lot of time and effort into it.
As for where writers get there information, it's another case of british journalism on an american show, they just make it up as they go along, somehow last week an article read that Tru Calling is a smash hit.

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Yeah, cuz they were planning on churning out them musical episodes one after another until SMG made the proclamation that it wouldn't happen. Riiight.

'OMwF' is one of my personal favorite musicals, but that has a lot to do with the fact that in addition to it being a finely made episode with truly good songs, I have a much deeper investment in the storyline and the characters than I could ever have for any other musical.
It would be cooler for OMwF to be on a list of greatest musicals if it wasn't something that was decided by online polls. I mean, Buffy fans have a very strong presence on the Internet and any online polls that have anything Buffy related versus anything else tend to get swamped by us'uns.
never like musicals .. except OMWF, one of my fav ep ;)
I've got to say that, much as I love it, naming OMwF as even in the top 10 musicals of all time is a major, major stretch. It is, however, easily better than the most of the rather lame list they had, which leaned heavily on later musicals -- when by far most of the better ones were made before about 1955 or so. It's certainly a lot better than the massively overrated "Moulin Rouge."

Still, as a pretty serious film geek/lover-of-quality-musicals, I could easily rattle off at least 15 or twenty musicals that were more accomplished than OMwF -- and I suspect Joss W. -- who has outstanding taste -- would agree with me about almost every one. I'm not being snobby here -- it just that OMwF was a first attempt, and a damn good one, but Joss ain't quite ready to compete with Vincente Minnelli or Stanley Donen/Gene Kelly, for Chrissakes.

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