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January 01 2011

Nicholas Brendon's upcoming Wizard World Comic Con appearances. Our favourite one-eyed Scooby is already scheduled for New Orleans, Miami, Toronto, Anaheim, Columbus, and Winnipeg this year.

Wow. He's busy. Hope the pay is good.
He was supposed to be coming to Toronto for a con last year but it was cancelled so I am pleased that we have a second chance to see him. Sadly, this sounds as though he is not getting a lot of acting work, unless he has some scheduled between April and Oct.
@Lioness-He did OK last year, doing a few episodes of "Private Practice" and "Criminal Minds". According to his IMDB he also appears in a movie directed by Clare Kramer called "Hard Love"; guessing this is an indie. In addition, he was onstage in "The Santaland Diaries".
He's also scheduled for Emerald City Comicon in Seattle in March.

Also, Clare Kramer will be at a number of the same events.

Lioness, Jelly: The conventions don't really take that much time out of an actor's schedule; they're usually over a weekend.
He's also scheduled for Emerald City Comicon in Seattle in March.

Hey! This must be new news because I hadn't heard that yet. I'm already going to ECCC (James Marsters!) so this is even more awesome! I think I'm actually more excited to see NB than James Marsters. I really can't wait now.
In terms of a "working" year, I'd say Nick has had a great year. Starring in a one man show and lots of tv appearances is terrific.

And Lioness, he couldn't be a nicer con guest. I think he really, truly enjoys connecting with the fans.
It was a very meaty role in Private Practice and I don't think it's over.
redeem147, I also read somewhere (blanking on where atm) that Nick's character on Private Practice will be back on the show sometime in the spring.

I hope he makes an appearance in the NYC area again sometime this year - I missed him when he was here in October, and I'd love to meet him.
electricspacegirl: It was announced on the ECCC site right before Christmas; I've been ill so I haven't posted it to Nick's site yet. Clare will also be at ECCC.

alexreager: You're right; Nicholas is really getting a kick out of being back on the U.S. con circuit. He likes getting to go visit the fans on their turfs!

redeem, sarahb: Nicholas recently wrapped up a fourth episode of Private Practice. I don't have the airdate yet.

sarahb: I'm working on trying to get him back to NYC; the last trip was sort of sudden, and I hear from a lot of people they'd like another shot at getting out to see him?

I almost forgot: He's also been working on Very Bad Koalas.

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