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January 02 2011

Asiance interviews Maurissa Tancharoen. And does so "to catch up with the Thai-American Angeleno to get her thoughts about working in Hollywood, working with Jed, and her new and exciting projects."

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Hmm. This has a more complete description, the other has better tags. Which will win?
This one wins since I don't need to edit it!
Good choice, Sunfire. :)
I want this lady to write an episode of every show I ever watch.
She has more talent than anyone should be allowed to have. Love her work, especially Epitaph One and Remains. Oh, and Belonging! I need to watch Dollhouse again.
Don't worry everyone, all tags go to bit heaven.

Nice interview, hopefully their pilot and feature will both see the light of day but failing that we've at least got their Spartacus stuff to look forward to.
Too bad I don't care for Spartacus. :(

It's okay. I can wait. As I'm sure they will do something else soon.
I want Maurissa and Jed to become the next Orci and Kurtzman only with better scripts.

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