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January 02 2011

Parental Guidance - Kristine Sutherland talks Buffy. A previously unseen interview from back in the day.

That was actually a really great interview. It's fun seeing the show through her eyes, since she doesn't seem like one of the most interviewed cast members. Fun insights from her.
It really was. Great read.
Great read. I enjoyed Joyce's story arc throughout the whole show, even though it wasn't one of the main ones. I still think that The Body has affected me more than any other episode of anything.
Excellent interview, nice insights about e.g. Joyce and Giles [not] getting together. And I particularly loved that they rehearsed the script where Dawn arrives for an "...hour or so..." before anyone went (paraphrasing) "Err, WTF ?" ;).
Joyce came back in Conversations with Dead people, but when else?
Clearly it is time for that re-watch that Nikki Stafford is organizing.
She was in the season 6 episodes "Normal Again" in the Buffy is in an insane asylum scenes, and "The Weight of the World" where Buffy is catatonic and Willow goes into her mind. We see Joyce and Hank arriving home with baby Dawn. Which never occurred of course.
" many other actresses my age get to fight vampires?"

Curse her for spawning ANOTHER plot bunny. *bangs head then sucks it up and tucks bunny away in it's own little folder to mushroom* (Of course... this is apparently a retroactively dependent curse since this is an old interview. Is there a statue of limitations for the evil spawning of plot bunnies? Hmm, I should probably include Steve Eramo as an accessory after the fact or as an aider and abetter too...)

I miss Joyce. I'm going to enjoy seeing her again during Nikki Stafford's Buffy Re-watch. It's been a while for me.
Joyce came back in Conversations with Dead people, but when else?

'Bring on The Night' and 'After These Messages... We'll Be Right Back!'. I suppose you could make a case for 'Forever' but that might be a bit icky.
Can you imagine? It reads as though if Kristine had made the choice to not return at the end of the year of her other opportunity, The Body would not have been written. Such is providence. I just loved her on the show and can't imagine anyone else being Buffy's mom.
I didn't know that about how she got into acting. What a nice story.
She sounds like a very gracious woman and really had a lot of insightful things to say about the show and her character, especially when she explains why she thought Giles and Joyce should never have a real romance. I'm glad the interviewer decided to share the article after all these years!
Wow, what a great and insightful interview. How did that get left on the shelf for so long?

I am always really impressed at the depth of thinking that Joss's actors put into their roles and the shows. On many shows the actor's involvement seems to stop at performing the lines, and they leave the deep thinking about the show (if any) to the writers. But Joss's actors clearly put in a lot of thought and analysis, which adds to the depth and richness of the shows.

Bravo Kristine!

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