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January 03 2011

"Wall Down" by J. August Richards. The actor who played Gunn on Angel posts a video of a song he wrote and performed, and 2011 is off to an awesome start!

I feel inferior. In the good way. ;)

What a lovely, sad song. Beautiful guitar playing, too, and he's got a great voice (which we sort of could tell from the Gilbert & Sullivan, but this is a fuller demonstration).
Hauntingly beautiful!!
In other news, J. August Richards for Glee please.

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J. August is a beautiful person, actor, and now we know, singer/musician. J. for Dr. Horrible 2!!
Just when I think the ME alumni couldn't be more talented, turns out J.'s a great musician. Perfectly put Harmalicious.
I want a copy. I hope J. August Richards makes the song available on iTunes and/or Amazon. Stunning performance!
You gotta be freaking kidding me. Too much good in one place. Great stuff!
Lovely. I'd say leave some talent for the rest of us but i'm never gonna be able to do that so i'm damn glad someone can.
Makes me wish we got an Angel musical...
That was beautiful. He should do more.
is it bad that I expected it to be a rap song? =)

really good song, regardless!
Holy crap! He is a GREAT singer!
I had no idea. . .
He's feeling the love at YouTube and Twitter. J. says singing and writing music is a hobby! I told him he should be on Broadway.
This is absolutely beautiful. I'm very glad he decided to share it with the world! And am a bit selfish in wanting to hear more from him.
is it bad that I expected it to be a rap song?

We can do more than just rap ya know...

just. Wow, I think I looked like a gaping fish when he started singing. Then the words and the music with that voice - dude, Whedon knows how to find them.

Dr. Horrible sequel now please! I can see J. as the new hero and is actually a nice hero. Who can kick ass and has THIS gentle voice. Man.
I'd rather see him play a villain who operates outside the ELOE, so that NPH/Dr. H still has an obstacle to play against. That would be a nice change for J. Someone very dark and bitter, bitter(er) and more gutted than Dr. H was at the end of Part I.
Dude, if it gets him signing and working with Joss again, I don't care if he comes as a henchman...

No I do care. So as long as he has lots of scenes with NPH. ;)

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