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"You cant just throw people at all your problems, dear."
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December 21 2003

"To all - Slayer's Greetings, and to vampires - beware!" Happy Christmas,

One of two Buffy parodies on that site. Here's the other.

And a happy Christmas to you too Prolific, thanks for running one of the best sites around.
Totally agree! Thank You Prolific for this site. It's the one site that I visit several times a day!

Happy Holidays to everyone!!
More thanks to Prolific!!! I too visit this site several times a day and wish all a wonderful and safe holiday!!!
And good news for lurkers, we'll be opening up sign ups at the start of the new year.
Wishing everyone good cheer, family time, and many presents for everyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone here at (and on) Whedonesque, the undisputed and absolute finest Jossworld site on the net.

Luv y'all!
And a Happy (god I know I'm going to spell this wrong)Chanukkah to all of the 4 jewish members of Whedonesque, and a here here to Willowy on the best Jossworld site. And a big hug to all of the administrators and moderators here on whedonesque!
God bless everyone!

(And many thanks to everyone who helps keep this site up!)

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