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January 03 2011

Firefly on Ovation Channel Starting Now! Starting 8 p.m. ET, "Firefly" is airing till 2 a.m., and then again on January 8 and 9.

They are also advertising it being on tomorrow. It's airing in widescreen format.
:( Just checked and I do not get that channel.


Whoo-hoo! Firefly is airing somewhere!
Channel-surfing and finding Firefly actually airing on TV was pretty much the best thing ever. Of course I could only watch the first episode because there was a new episode of Castle on right after, but still.
Caught it for the first time. Really enjoyed the premiere. Interesting promos during the commercial breaks for the show. Liked how they called it a cult classic.
DVR'd it on both TVs. It was really great seeing it on the air again.
If you haven't seen it, then I warn you: Don't!

If you do watch Firefly, then you'll love it and it will end too soon and you will grieve and grieve. Better to put it off until some sweet someday.

After Firefly, you may as well give away or kill your TV and start playing board games or reading books - learn to entertain yourself via some other medium that isn't a fickle bitch that will taunt you with greatness then abandon you suddenly like the death of Tara.

ETA - OK I guess I must still be stuck in one of those seven stages of grief. The second one, I think - Anger. I'm working on it. (But it still hurts!)

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It's true. As a result of 'Firefly' I dumped my TV, became obsessed with string based arts & crafts, won gold at the 2008 Olympics in the "Synchronised Macrame" category and now enjoy a level of fame and fortune such as to make George Clooney weep.

'Firefly' changed my life, highly recommended.
They might be editing some or all of the episodes. The "special hell" subplot was missing from Our Mrs. Reynolds

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