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January 04 2011

Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic now out on Blu-ray/DVD combo. The two disc collection has the first 19 issues of the Season and includes various extras as well.

And there's still no official word as to whether the writers and artists got paid for their work being adapted as a motion comic.

I just picked up the motion comics.The DVD is a flipper disk.Issues 1-8 are on side A and issues 9-19 are on side B with the special features spread out on both sides.The Blu-Ray copy has everything on one side of the disk of course.
Why they didn't call this "Volume 1" or "Part 1" is beyond me. What will they do once the rest of the eps get made? If they get made, that is.
Seems dishonest to me. Some people will buy it having made the completely reasonable assumption that it contains the whole of season eight.
Yeah, the fact that it doesn't list it as Part 1 or Volume 1 is incredibly misleading. And what if they don't make the rest of Season 8...

I remain vastly uneasy with this project.
Oh wow! Yeah, I was planning on ordering it, thinking it was the entire season. Now I'll wait to see if they release one big one when they're all done. Also still waiting to know about the writers being paid. I'd almost pre-ordered it but then heard something about that, so I put it off.

Robin's anxious to see herself on the big screen, lol.
Emmie,JerrodBalzer's wife is Robin,the contest winner who got to be written into the comic by Joss.JerrodBalzer's wife is Robin,The Minder Buffy and Willow meet in issue 10,"Anywhere But Here."

She ended up with a pretty important role since Robin is the one who revealed the Betrayal.

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Oooh yes, of course. Thanks for clarifying. <3

I'm sorry to say, the false advertising with this DVD continues. Check out the back side where it says:

2-Disc Set Includes:

All 19 Issues in High Definition

Um no. That is not all the issues. Sigh. There isn't a single hint on the DVD case that this is only the first half of Season 8. Not only are the DVDs allegedly co-opting the art and work of the writers and artists without compensation, but it's being marketed as the entire story when it's only the first half, and to top it off, they edited it without Whedon's oversight, cutting out lines.

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according to BestBuy and Walmart's sites, it's not available in stores. Where can you get this ?
I saw it at Target this morning. Nice to see Buffy's face again, but this whole project is just sketchy.
Before I import this can somebody please check the back cover to see whether or not the BR will play in the UK, thanks! ;)
Wincester, I heard (from an excellent source) that the US release is region specific. 20th will be releasing the title internationally as well though so it should be in the UK within the next 6 months or so. Sorry, I don't know the exact date.
Oh really? That's great, I'll just wait for it to be released over here then, thanks!
I'm curious if the international release will happen every country in which Buffy DVDs were sold, which is curious that our local FOX Home Entertainment have yet to release Buffy S6-7 (also Angel S3-5).

Which is more annoying if artists involved were not properly compensated, as the international releases will also spun revenue.
You're welcome, Winchester. If I get an exact date, I'll try to update you. Numfar, I'm not sure if Brazil will get the release or not. If it does well in other areas then it probably will, same goes for the remaining issues. I don't think anyone looked at this as an ongoing thing. More of an experiment really by the studio. That was how I saw it anyway.
They'll probably do the SyFy routine of calling the second half "Season 8.5". Are they absolutely being made, or does it depend on how well the first half sells?
It totally depends, will.bueche. I've heard of no plans to make another edition at this point. Of course, I wouldn't necessarily hear if things were in the works.

Winchester, I just got word that the motion comic was released today in the UK as well. Blu-ray only.
Regarding compensation, I do know some who have written comics, and they're paid for the job once and that's that. When a trade paperback comes out, for instance, no compensation. I wonder if that's the case here for the writers and artists, and if so, whether or not it's business as usual.

And apologies for the confusion, Emmie.
Does anybody know if there will be an R4 release for this or does something in the format information from the Amazon listing mean it is region free?
@IrrationaliTV I just checked around some UK sites and it isn't anywhere to be seen, where exactly did you get that information from?
That's strange, Winchester. I talked with the US DVD peeps, but I'll put a call into my international contact to confirm. I'll ask about all international areas if should be available.

Just talked with a friend in international home entertainment. The Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic will be released in Australia in March and the UK next September. Sorry for the bad info yesterday (don't shoot the messenger please). No word on Brazil yet.

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