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January 04 2011

Television as art and literature. Such is the subtitle of Smart TV, a course at the University of Utah. Shows include Buffy, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible. Amber Benson and Jane Espenson are listed as guest speakers (although whether in person or electronically isn't clear).

Wow, check out the schedule.
Jane Espenson is electronic; Amber Benson is in person. I know this because I teach the course.
bunnykitty, you make me want to go back to college.
Where were classes like this when I was in school?
Oh my goddess, I need to transfer to University of Utah, ASAP...
That's quite a fantastic schedule. I would have loved to have taken that class when I was at university. Lucky students. :D
I wish my high school could have classes like this. Hmm... perhaps I should add the University of Utah to my list of potential colleges. I wonder if they have a good creative writing program. This class looks fantastic, all my favorite shows!
Props to Bunnykitty for having a truly awesome job!
My university doesn't have any cool classes like this. Jealous.
Kept telling everyone Jane's a brilliant machine, there's no stopping her now.

Dang, where were courses like this when I was just a kid?
Hmm... looks fun.
We also teach fan culture (featuring the fabulous Utah Browncoats); Whedonesquers should feel free to join in future open twitter discussions and watchalongs. Info on these will be tweeted from the course account. Down side: no credit; upside: no term papers or tuition!
Good idea actually. Need to brush up on my mad skills....

Wait, did I just say that?
One day when I'm all growed up, I'll be teaching kick-ass English courses just like bunnykitty. ;)
Bravo bunnykitty!
"Let's see, should I do my statistics homework or my Smart TV homework first?"
The other classes don't stand a chance.
I told my brother about it, but he says he has another class at that time. Psh. Like he really needs a class that actually relates to his major.
Man I did the wrong course at uni. Systems Analysis and Design homework never involved watching TV (actually it did - like, a lot - just not as part of the curriculum).

And it's good to see universities teaching transferable skills, watching TV is something those kids will be able to use for the rest of their lives (kiddin' of course bunnykitty, sounds like a great course ;).
totally gonna audit that course! :) bunnykitty count me in on twitter!

ETA Bonus points for Prisoner!

[ edited by hopitopia on 2011-01-05 13:07 ]
bunnykitty: have you considered trying to offer this course as an online offering that people outside U Utah might take? Because, I would jump in in a second to have the opportunity. This looks excellent! It is just the kind of academic offering I live for. Though I might be a bit outside the course demographic... :-) I'd also do the same for fan culture, which is a topic area I find fascinating and perplexing.
bunnykitty, you are my hero!! (I know, not a terribly constructive post, but I figure that giving kudos and credits where such are due is also important.) Is the Twitter name the entire name of class?
Great, now I have one more reason for regretting not taking that full ride at the U and going out of state instead.
"Sorry, guys, I can't go out tonight. I've got a ton of homework."

*signs into Netflix*

[ edited by Emmie on 2011-01-05 18:27 ]
bunnykitty, that is a truly impressive class schedule... all the grim bits of BtVS season 2 followed by all the indisputably great eps, then Season 4 of the Wire with all its heartbreak... whew! A brilliant course but perhaps an exhausting one.
bunnykitty, this looks wonderful. And I'd like to second the comment of making this course optional for on-line. Although I've graduated, I still take the random college class or two, and this would be wonderful to do. Finally homework that I want to write! I'll be checking out Twitter as well when it gets started.
@korkster and @Dana5140 We might consider an online course in the future--I've never taught one. As of now, courses have to be either/or.
@smarttvclass is the twitter name.

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