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January 05 2011

Joss Whedon's 'The Write Environment' interview airs tonight on KCET. So if you live in Los Angeles and haven't seen the interview from 2008, do tune in.

I have that on DVD. It's an amazing interview; I can't recommend it enough.
Yep, if you're interested in Joss' process it's fascinating.

(whoa, deja vu ! ;)
Dang. All of those actually sound absolutely fantastic. Too bad I tend to work Wednesday nights. Grr...
So did anyone watch it?
I just saw the announcement now (nearly 3 hours too late). But I'll be sure to watch or record it when it's encored Saturday night.
I'm surprised they didn't promote the next episode of the series.

Next Wed. features an interview with Tim Kring, creators of Heroes.

Keep in mind that the Joss episode will repeat on Saturday, January 15th at 11pm.
I recorded it, will watch it as soon as I stop running around like something that runs around very fast, sort of knows where it's going but is pretty confused anyway ...

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