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January 05 2011

Tom Lenk chats about his one man stage show. It will be running from the 6th to the 8th of January at the Soho Theatre in London.

If anyone gets a chance to see his show, do it. Not kid-friendly though. ;) But very, very funny.
I agree, redeem147. I saw it a few months back (and Alyson Hannigan was actually in the audience) and it was incredible. My wife and I fell absolutely in love with Tom during that hour. What a blast!
Damn, I get back from the States on the 10th. Bloody awful timing.
Mwahahaha! I'm going to see this show on Saturday. :)
You guys across the pond are in for a treat. I saw the show in San Francisco, and although my date was fully prepared to hate it he's not a fan of stand-up he was completely won over and even did a bit of (uncharacteristic for him) audience participation. Tom is a multi-talented guy, plus charming and naughty. It's a good night out.

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