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January 05 2011

The Hot Guys of Hard Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Crushable slideshow of crush-worthy sci-fi men.

Everyone's favorite space cowboy gets a nod.

Versus WESLEY CRUSHER??? Srsly? Evil Wil Wheaton is hawt. Wesley, not so much.
Ahhh ... love me some Han Solo :) And Madmardigan ... :)
1. That list is insanely lacking.

2. Question: What makes something "hard" fantasy? I've never heard that term applied to fantasy before. Maybe in this context it has something to do with abs?

3. I spent waaaay too much time thinking about this. (But it was much more fun than thinking about my RL.)

4. We're talking about "hot" guys here, regardless of the quality of the film/show they were in, right? So guys off the top of my head that belong on the list:

*If we're going to mention dragon flics, I think Christian Bale wins the prize for hot guy in Reign of Fire. That was a seriously nice, um, back.

*What, no George Clooney for Solaris? The guy should make the list for his voice alone. He could read the 2011 US Government Budget (almost 31,000 pages with the extras) and it would still be sexy.

*Nobody from TLotR? Bean? Mortensen? (even covered in grunge and seriously in need of a bath) Bloom?

*No one from BSG? The original or the reboot? Sheesh.

*Eric Close from Now and Again.

*Taye Diggs from Day Break.

*Garret Hedlund in Tron: Legacy. (Just saw it. ;)

*And I think this probably is where I confess my Peter Davison crush as the fifth Doctor.

(I have a sneaking suspicion that their vehicles probably wouldn't count as "hard fantasy" (whatever that is) but Tom Welling, Hugh Jackman, and Paul Bettany deserve to be on any list of "hot guys of sci-fi/fantasy.)

Et cetera ad nauseam. (Did I mention that list was lacking?)
Was this list compiled by a straight guy? Cause... huh?

Though I would definitely include Captain Mal.

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