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January 05 2011

Dichen Lachman to guest star on the season premiere of 'Torchwood'. Courtesy of

That is just... neat :)
Who'd of thunk it.


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I'm happy we'll have a chance to see Dichen onscreen again. And holy casting coup - Bill Pullman as a series regular? I can't wait to see that!
I'm excited! Hope her character kicks Jack's ass. Or indeed, arse.
Now they have to find something for Enver!
I some parallel universe people will be watching Enver as a regular and Dichen as a guest star? Dam you, you parallel universe people!
Okay, now I'm excited for Torchwood (still wish Enver had gotten the part, though...).
Holly shitake. Yay! I cannot wait for this! So friggin excited. I have very high hopes for this season.
I guess I have an important question. I do not have cable. Can I watch this on Hulu? Or Amazon Video on Demand?
Starz shows tend to appear on Netflix instant watch almost immediately (sometimes the same night). Or, at least, Spartacus did. They don't show up on Hulu. I think they show up on Amazon VOD, but I'm not certain.
This is awesome!

I some parallel universe people will be watching Enver as a regular and Dichen as a guest star? Dam you, you parallel universe people!

Pzsfth. In the parallel universe, Enver and Dichen are still on Dollhouse, which is on its third season.
And scheduling Summer to play Bennett was a nightmare, what with her still being on 'Firefly'.

Yay for Dichen, she'll do nothing but add to the show IMO. With the creative types already onboard, Bill Pullman and Mekhi Phifer etc. the show's got all the right ingredients. So long as Jack and Gwen are still front and centre it should be good.
Oh! Netflix does some things immediately after they air? I guess I assumed they only put something up after it was out on DVD, but then I've never really wanted to follow anything on Starz before.

Netflix it is!
There were some weeks when Spartacus showed up on Netflix instant before it had aired on the west coast.
That's sort of amazing but, really, Torchwood kills off so many prominent-ish featured players I'm slightly concerned if she's only in one episode.

On the other hand I am so incredibly intrigued despite the overblown character descriptions in the press release. Particularly curious how Bill Pullman's character integrates in.
At one point he explains to Jack and Gwen that today is ALL OUR INDEPENDENCE DAYS ! Winning then ensues.

And Dichen's a guest star so she's probably in it for one ep and then gone (as e.g. Enver was in 'Undercovers' or 'Chase' or Sean Maher was in 'Human Target' or etc.), that's life in telly land. I sort of want her character to die in fact cos at least that'd mean she had a significant role rather than a blinknmissit. Playing a baddie would be cool too.
Not blink and miss it.
Cool, ta gossi.

Course in that universe you shouldn't (ever) blink anyway, bad things happen when you do.
You're full of Doctor Who references today!
So full that one slopped over. Gimme a minute and i'll get wibbly wobbly in there somewhere.

(as a BTW BTW, it's on my mind - more - cos I just read on The Reg that David Tennant and Georgia Moffett are tying the knot. So the 10th Doctor is marrying his daughter who's the real-life daughter of the 5th Doctor who was the 10th Doctor's Doctor. Wibbly wobbly)
Yet more of Rusty Davies's pathetic attempts to convince the world he's the new JW, when he's really just a hack.
Ooh, controversial !
He's actually really talented, Zod.
Also controversial ! Fire with fire, I like it.
Dichen, Eve Myles and John Barrowman on the same show is quite possibly too much pretty for one show. How on earth will we cope? ;)
Et tu gossé?

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Don't blink. Blink and you're dead.
That was Moffat. Who possibly is the new JW.
Or maybe the alternative. I think he's probably older?
Computer says yes (by about three years). So he's possibly the new original JW.
Yeah, that Whedon's never had an original idea in his life.
I know right ? Cheerleaders ? Pfft. They're everywhere ! And California's been in loads of stuff ever since The Eagles invented it back in the 60s.

And how many vampire shows are there FFS?
I think that Moffat is a better fit for Dr. Who; his episodes were some of the best, and last season was great. But Davies continues to outdo himself with Torchwood. I can't wait for the new series, particularly after Children of Earth, which was amazing. Sure, a little cast-ocidal, but we're all Whedon fans here... ;-) It was an intense ride that just got worse and worse as it went on...brilliant!

As an aside, for those in the UK, how was the christmas special this year?
Continuing with the aside, the Christmas Special was just fine here in the USA. BBCamerica ran it Christmas evening!

And, yes, I'm glad Dichen will appear on Torchwood.
how was the christmas special this year?

Well written for a change!

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You and your controversy - it's like an addiction !

Better than the last few (with the notable exception of "The End of Time Pt 2") have been IMO narse, maybe not stellar but very watchable. I always feel like the Christmas episodes wear the "family show" label on their sleeve a bit more and this one was no different but it also had an emotional core and in its way was quite dark and character based. Plus the gorgeous (and mega talented) Katherine Jenkins, Michael 'frikkin' Gambon and the becoming par for the course (but still very far from old) Moffatesque timey wimey shenanigans.

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I'm just going to agree with Zod here. Moffat has finally made me enjoy Doctor Who again. He's the Scottish (not new) Joss Whedon. Not Davies. RTD shows and episodes are consistently filled with so much potential being let down by some really cringey/bad missteps. Children of Earth had me groaning in a couple of parts, but raised the stakes to near-BSG levels so I'm hoping this season will be terrific. Esp, with Dichen, Jane and loads of awesome people on board!

Re: this Xmas episode. Dear god, I was confused. I still need to watch it again. The parts I understood fully were amazing, though. It's shocking that it aired the same night as Come Fly Me With.

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I need a good discussion with someone as to why some people think that seasons 2-4 of Doctor Who were not as good Buffy. Because the way that I look at both series, they very much were. There are downs and ups, and cheesy episodes and episodes with bad acting, but there was always a core group of very compelling characters that you wanted to be best friends with.

That core group of people in Doctor Who may not have been onscreen together very often, but that is one of the reasons I love it.

I am admittedly a David Tennant fangirl, though. And yes, him getting engaged to Georgia? Someone on Mark Watches said it best: their child will win at Doctor Who Bingo forever.

By. The. Way. Torchwood's Facebook page just released a premiere date: Torchwood: The New World premiering Friday July 1st from 9-10pm on Starz.

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