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January 06 2011

Random Roles: W. Earl Brown. Best known as Deadwood's hot-tempered yet gregarious henchman Dan Dority, Earl Brown talks about the various roles he's played (including Menlo in the Angel episode 'The Shroud of Rahmon').

*Cries* I miss Deadwood.

It was a nice interview, though. They covered a lot.
Love this guy. Hopefully more Deadwood alum will crop up on Justified this year. I think between Justified and Sons of Anarchy, FX has given at least 10 Deadwood alums solid work over the past few years.

I just watched the "Unauthorized Cinnamon" episode last night. Dan and Jewel shared probably the funniest scene on the show.
Uhhh...isn't this sort of pushing it for front page news? I mean, he was a guest in only one episode...
I always thought that always one of the best strengths of BtVS and Ats; that really good actors were cast even in the smallest roles.
Uhhh...isn't this sort of pushing it for front page news?

Seems like an ideal news item to me.
That's one of the better Random Roles i've read, guy's not got a lot of bullshit in him but he's still not willing to dish the dirt on people. Class that is, can't teach it.

(he was great in 'Deadwood' - of course, wasn't everyone ? - but he's been good whenever i've seen him, most recently in 'Justified')
So any guesses as to who the actor on Angel he didn't get along with was? He seems like a cool guy, glad he's a Joss fan.
Huh. Never knew Dan Dority was a Whedon alum! Going to read the interview now, but that little bit just made my day. :D
There's also another Whedonverse connection to Deadwood. Zack Whedon worked on the series first as assistant to David Milch and then as a writer. Having the show canceled at the end of the 3rd season was heartbreaking. There was so much story left untold. Firefly all over again (although this time set in the American old west.)
I just watched one of Zack's episodes last night: "Amateur Night."
Zack was doin us a little favor, blessin Deadwood with his flava...
Sad to hear he didn't get along with a certain cast member on "Angel"... man, wonder who it was?! :-|
It's pretty repulsive when the person conducting the interview wants to know who you didn't get along with. The comments for the interview are worse when it comes to the actor mentioned. Kudos to Brown for not confirming. You know, actors can have bad days, and their acting partners can suffer because of it. It's too bad, but there it is. I'll definitely read the entirety of the interview later (at work now). He sounds like a real interesting guy.

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