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January 06 2011

Hottest Babes of Horror Contest. Eliza is currently winning against Danielle Harris.

Danielle was an easy pick there. Eliza is great and all, just not for this poll.

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Uh-oh... Looks like next round Eliza will be up against Milla Jovovich. She's pretty much shut out Jessica Szohr so far, though.
I'm not even sure how to vote. :S
Yeah can't seem to figure out the voting either, but Milla, oh that's difficult! Two of them against kate beckinsale then I'd just have to lock them in a room and let the least dead one win!
To vote you scroll down to where it says "Person's Name VS Person's Name" and then you click on the small version of their photo, Eliza is currently winning her new round and I don't think you should worry about Milla, she is losing hers against Scout Taylor-Compton!
Uh-oh... Looks like next round Eliza will be up against Milla Jovovich.

I know. I love Eliza but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Milla Jovovich, ever since The Fifth Element. She's a much better actress than her resume would lead one to believe; it's a shame she was pigeonholed into a genre queen.
Milla is losing?! This is a travesty of epic proportions! Some one call Alice...and have her crash through a church window on her suzuki intruder and start blasting away the competition!(may have been one of my favourite scenes of all time ever in the history of existence).
Ah, I had an ad blocker on my computer that caused the voting boxes not to appear.

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