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January 06 2011

Danny Strong to rewrite "Earth Defense Force" for Sam Raimi. It seems our Jonathan will be delving back into some of his geeky roots in the form of rewriting the Sam Raimi-produced sci-fi actioner "Earth Defense Force."

This sounds like the old British TV series UFO where a secret military organization called SHADO funded by the governments of the world fights invading UFOs and aliens.
I didn't think Danny Strong had actual geeky roots, I thought he just played one on TV.
That's what I meant, jettamesis. :-)
If you've never watched UFO, then I highly recommend it, even though some of it is dated. It is available on DVD. It was much more serious than Sci-Fi TV shows during its time, including Star Trek. The good guys didn't always win, and it dealt with sometimes very disturbing material. And it is being rebooted into a movie that hopefully will come out later this year.

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