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January 06 2011

Amy Acker cast in USA pilot "Common Law". Amy will play a therapist in USA's buddy cop dramedy.

More buddy cop stuff? Ugh! I give up! But Amy Acker, so yay!!
Yay Amy.

Joss Whedon, TV needs you. :(
Glad to hear this. Maybe with Enver and Amy both heading to the USA network, this can plant the seeds to get a Joss Whedon show on USA once he's done with Avengers? Cause USA seems to be hands down the best network to have a scripted show on. They give their shows a legit chance.
While I'm also happy to have the possibility of seeing Enver and Amy on USA, cause I like a lot of USA's shows, I don't know how Joss would fit in. Their shows are pretty light. Like a lot lighter than anything Joss has done.
She was on CSI tonight. Briefly, but it was fun to see her again.

One line of hers in particular cracked me up; since I don't know how to spoiler font & I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen the episode, the line was a riff on the famous line about a certain city in France. (There - did I vague it up enough?)

Some day when I'm rich I'll get cable. Except...there's already nothing to watch with the...14 broadcast channels I get now.
USA has the same parent company as NBC and Syfy.
Hmm, "chalk and cheese" cop partners made me groan (cos really ? Still ?) but the therapy angle might add something and Amy's part sounds reasonably substantial, if it goes i'll have a look.

She didn't really do an arc on 'No Ordinary Family' though, her character hit it off with a series regular, they kissed, seemed to be becoming boyfriend and girlfriend and then she just disappeared, never to be seen (or, AFAIK, mentioned) again. More like an 'ar' really. There's a show that's incredibly frustrating because of what it could be.
It was a fun one-off last night on CSI; completely unexpected and only about 2 minutes long. But it does get her out there, and she was both cute and "dumb" in the role. Plus, the unspoken line noted above was funny... too bad the overall epsiode was not one of CSI's better ones, though. Though Hodges was a hoot.
Well, the buddy cop angle is awfully long in the tooth, but buddy-cop shows don't usually feature trips to therapy, so we'll see. Maybe they were inspired by Bones.
Descriptions like this often sound dreadful, though--it's all in the execution. Definitely on my "I'll wait and see if the people at Whedonesque like it" list.

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