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January 06 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar voices "CARE Canada" commercial. She has been the ambassador for the Care Organization for years, but I do not think this commercial has been posted.

I live in Canada and I saw this commercial about a week ago and recognized her voice. I knew she worked with Care, but I thought it was cool that she was voicing the commercial.
Being in Canada I have heard this ad but I didn't notice it was her.
First time I saw this ad, I was like "No that? Damn it, it is Sarah Michelle Gellar...oops, Prinze!"


Though I have to wonder if the ad's gonna be a tad bit more global and not just be for Canada, to warrant Sarah doing the VO instead of a Canadian luminary who supports CARE...
Aww, it's nice to hear her voice again, talking about empowering women, no less :D

I can't help it--it totally reminds me of that scene in Chosen:

"Can stand up. WILL stand up."

*misty eyed*

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Oh nice one ShanshuBugaboo! Now I'm misty eyed...
It was nice to hear her voice again, maybe we'll see her again soon too, just maybe...
Go, Sarah! Great ad.
Gotta pay the bills...
I really doubt SMG has trouble with her bills....
Right, because doing voiceover work for a charity is so lucrative. /snark
Not even a charity. It's one of her charities.
Imagery of women holding hands in my head = "The Chain."
This is beautiful. Well done, Smidge.

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