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January 07 2011

Premiere date for "Torchwood: A New World" announced: July 1st, 2011. The 4th season of the show will premiere on the same date both in the US (via Starz) and UK (via BBC1). Whedon alums involved in the project include Jane Espenson, Kelly Manners, Shawna Trpcic and Todd McIntosh.

As reported a few days ago, Dichen Lachman will guest in the premiere episode.

I would love this more, if there was an Australian premier date... "tru-fax". Though, very pleased to see Dichen Lachman will be guesting.
That's my birthday. What a present!
God, the cast and crew for this is so spectacular. Jane, I think we're all in agreement, is the biggest draw. She's also spectacularly informative and friendly on Twitter.
This is me doing The Happy Dance aka Numfar's Dance of Joy.

I'm making plans to get my "tickets to the UK" (wink-wink!) right now!
: )
It's airing in the US, AmazonGirl. If you live there.
Ah but after here (by 5-9 hours depending on timezone). Maybe AmazonGirl's just really impatient ;).

And yep, that's like an All-Star team of writers, getting excited.
Loving the number of Whedon alum working on this. Am even more excited to see it now!
The broadcast information has been retracted. Somebody jumped the gun.
See the thing is, Torchwood was rubbish. That said, if anyone gives me hope, it's Jane Espenson. Will watch and hopefully my predictions will be completely unfounded.
Torchwood was by no means uniformly rubbish. It had its ups and downs (cough*Cyberwoman*cough) and its ups - "They Keep Killing Suzie" and "Random Shoes" spring to mind, at least as among my favorites..

I didn't find the "Children of Earth" season as affecting as did a number of other folks I know - but "Torchwood" overall had some interesting and effective moments, and should not, I think, be dismissed out of hand as rubbish.

I'm looking forward to seeing what these new folks can add to the mix - and of course, to seeing Dichen Lachman in the opener...
Very much looking forward to this. I enjoyed much of Torchwood, even during its first season and Children of Earth really took it into another level. The team behind this new season is just outstanding and the news the Dichen will be joining in to is simply the icing on the cake (although, no Enver is disappointing.)

July really can't come quick enough.

edit: In other, related news, see the trailer for the new season here Stetsons definitely are cool.

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Huh. Interesting. Torchwood's official FB and Twitter reported the date and time as this, also. I wonder why BBC Marketing says it's wrong.
Here's this:

According to FB it is their official BBC-run page.

(I posted this in another thread, also.)
They Keep Killing Suzie was good, but over all the series felt it had no direction, and just wandered around trying to be clever. Jack Harkness manages to epitomise this, a man the entire series tries to spend proving is cool, smart, and has deep issues, and just comes across as a loser.
I loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. And COE. Torchwood may not have been the consistently greatest show ever, but I certainly enjoyed it.
CoE > Series 2 >>> Major dental work > Series 1

'Random Shoes' was the only ep from series 1 that I wholeheartedly enjoyed, series 2 had 6 or 7 decent eps and 2 or 3 great ones and 'Children of Earth' was excellent (not perfect, there were still clunky aspects but good nonetheless). It got way better as it went along basically with 'Cyberwoman' being the absolute nadir. Mileage varies, as usual (though more than usual with 'Torchwood' IMO).
...over all the series felt it had no direction, and just wandered around trying to be clever.

What's wrong with that? I think that description actually fits Firefly better than Torchwood, but we can't knock that show. The biggest problem with Torchwood has always been Gwen: the characters keep telling us how brilliant she is, but she never does anything brilliant, she just exhibits empathy.
The biggest problem with Torchwood has always been Gwen...

That's fightin' talk where I come from !

(I moved since then right enough ;)
I think exhibiting empathy is a superpower in Torchwood.
The biggest problem with Torchwood is that the Doctor Who writers knew how to write for the character of Captain Jack and the Torchwood writers didn't.
Agreed, in the sense that Captain Jack is basically a different character when he's on 'Doctor Who'.
Really was, I loved the scene with him and the Doctor in the irradiated room in Utopia. But Torchwood didn't have anything of that intensity during its first two series. Saying that, the third series was a revelation and one of the best televisual genre events in recent years.
It's no longer called The New World. It's called Miracle Day.
So it's about some sort of fabric softener ? S'my guess anyway.

Yeah, that's a good scene Simon, both of them play it really well but Tennant in particular quite subtly captures the curiosity mixed with a sort of niggling, fundamental discomfort that the Doctor would feel around someone in Jack's situation. Everything has its time and everything dies. Except not quite.

(dunno about the intensity thing though, series 2 had its moments e.g. the bit with Jack's brother was pretty, err, "grave" - talk about the downside to immortality - and Owen had moments too, particularly in "A Day in the Death...")
Wow. Torchwood Facebook and Twitter seem to have dissolved. The twitter account has been suspended.

I wonder what the heck happened there.
Not the @torchwood_starz one.
You are correct. Thanks. Following that one. I'm starting to suspect it's just because of the name change. I was suspicious that it might have been something Bad because of the fact that BBC Marketing retracted the date after Torchwood_TNW put it up. The event they just made on FB is also gone. I'll be looking for a Torchwood_MD or something similar from now on.
Well I'm bummed - I don't get Starz and can't afford to add it on, and loved Torchwood start to finish (the only ep I didn't like was Cyberwoman) - although I actually liked first two seasons a lot better than Children of Earth, which I thought was a bit pretentious and heavy handed with the "look how serious we've become" vibe.

So I guess I'll be way behind and hope I find another way to catch it. :-(
Netflix instant.

ETA: Hopefully, like Spartacus.

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I also don't get Starz and will just wait until the DVD comes out. I liked the first 2 seasons better than Children of Earth, wonder if it could have been because of Capt John???:)
I understand the episodes will be available on Netflix streaming and iTunes after airing in the US, rehabber.
Torchwood certainly was a funny one. It came together by Children of Earth, but that was a very different sort of show from the one it was trying to be in the first two seasons (more successfully in the 2nd, in my opinion).

For me, the main problems were:-

1) They had an iconic, swashbuckling action hero in Captain Jack, but didn't give him anything swashbuckling to seemed a little bit like they wanted to turn him into 'Angel-lite' (chris chibnall and Russel T. are fans), with the angst and standing on rooftops for no reason, but none of the chances to step in and save the day.

2)They seemed in so much of a hurry to get to the 'dark' character moments that they didn't give us a chance to actually CARE when things went wrong...we don't see the team working as a functional, competent (and more importantly, likeable) team until the second series...and for me this really prevented a lot of the drama of early episodes from landing.

Some characters really suffered for Gwen. Like Invisible Green says, we got told a lot about how great she is, and an emotional centre for the team, but she's very quick to do the bad stuff she does in series 1 (avoiding spoilers!), which totally undermined that.

3)But most of all, it had the lurching inconsistencies in both tone and quality of acting/writing that characterised the Russell T. Davies Doctor Who. Plot structure in particular was a weakness IMO. Happily, this was fixed for Children of Earth.

I'm looking forward to the new series though...The premise was always a good one, and with the talent that's now on board, I'm a lot happier about potential execution (so to speak!).
They seemed in so much of a hurry to get to the 'dark' character moments that they didn't give us a chance to actually CARE when things went wrong...we don't see the team working as a functional, competent (and more importantly, likeable) team until the second series...and for me this really prevented a lot of the drama of early episodes from landing.

Yes, this is much true. Also, with the "they don't know how to write Captain Jack thing" partly, this is because I think he makes a great foil, as the darker, more troubled sidekick who tries to hide his problems with banter and humour, but as a main character he's not got much going on. It'd be like Xander being the star of a show. Or Wash. No wait, actually, I'd watch Wash do anything. But you know my point.
Yeah, I also broadly agree with that, the first series was all swearing, shooters and shagging as if to say "See how adult we are compared to 'Doctor Who' ?" but all the while you could drive a bloody bus through the plot holes, the characters did whatever the plot required them to (often being incredibly stupid/incompetent in the process) and if you valued your toes you had to watch your feet when the dialogue landed (particularly the "jokes") - I don't care too much if the team's not likable but they have to be interesting, consistent and at least usually competent, if we're meant to see them as heroes then we have to at least respect them. Series 2 was much improved though IMO, they seemed to relax a bit, the characters were more clearly defined and the dialogue improved ten-fold (maybe even ten-point-five-fold ;).

Then CoE was an actual drama with stakes that you cared about and a genuinely dark, adult feel (particularly in how it depicted the sort of banal, bureaucratic side of evil - reckon the cabinet meeting is one of the more chilling TV scenes from the last few years for instance). I'd expect series 4 to be more of a mix of tones though and back to the procedural format of 1 & 2, they'll want to make it slightly more straightforward to help new viewers jump aboard.

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