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January 07 2011

Some rare Firefly behind-the-scenes photos. Kelly Wheeler, one-time producer's assistant, show blogger, and Blue Sun girl, has been tweeting some pictures. Here's another. And yet another.

Great pics.

I love the one with them all in their Shindig costumes. And the fact that Nathan would always be in the production office to use the computer. Hilarious.
Speaking of rare Firefly behind-the-scenes photos this* is the one I'd like to see someone release one day...

* As glimpsed here.

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Some really nice photos there, no surprise that it was a happy set but it's cool to actually see it. And when did Morena have Leia hair, am I forgetting a scene or were they maybe just playing around ?

edited to embiggen everything !

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Whoops - Sorry about that Saje. :)
No worries. For a second I wondered if I had Sudden Onset Myopia. Then I wondered if that even existed. It almost became a thing ;).

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