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January 07 2011

CSTS needs your creative brain-pan for Equality Now. Enter the 2011 Can't Stop The Serenity promotional art contest.

Make some art in a good cause.

Nice tags there, QG.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what people come up with this year. We've had such a variety over the last few years that really, it could be almost anything!
For those who read the comments first, the deadline for this is January 31 and then we all get to vote on our favourite which then becomes a Tshirt and posters and advertising and all sorts of shiny stuff.
That's a might shirt suspense for entries. Is there an archive somewhere of all the art from past years?
Charmuse, I've been looking on the website but haven't found it yet. Will edit this post if I do.
We want to get moving on this as quickly as possible as some cities are planning screenings within the next 5 months or so.
Edited to add 2009
and here you can find a small image of 2008 and 3 three versions of the one design used last year.
The first year it was just the intertwined Serenity/Equality Now logo, the second was that gorgeous image by Lexigeek of the rising earth

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Thanks Lioness, you are a peach!
The contest idea was first done in 2009, and we got lots of fantastic entries. You can see all of the entries for 2009 here and 2010 here.

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