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January 07 2011

Seth Green comments on Joss Whedon and the Buffy reboot movie. And there's some info about what to expect from the fifth season of Robot Chicken which premieres this Sunday.

In the closing credits? We've never re-recorded that since the first season, except for "Star Wars," and it was all the same people. In our post department, when Chris McKay was editing the show before he was directing it, he came up with that song and got everybody together to cluck it, and we've just kept it. No one's ever asked for that!
Has nobody told Seth that that's the theme to Dawn of the Dead? A pop culture nerd/geek such as he really should know better.

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[Robot Chicken's Senreich]: "Nerds are more high brow."

Ha. I liked that. Now I'm going to think of nerds in tiaras and top hats.
That confused me because I like pop culture but I also wear a monocle and say "Don't you know" and "Gads, sink me !" a lot too. I may have to reassess how I self-identify.

Saw Seth on 'The Daily Show' and his wit, groundedness and care over/for 'Robot Chicken' really impressed me - basically he was exactly like you'd hope the guy who played Oz would be. And I love stop-motion animation but I get why it's not all over the place (watched a documentary on Aardman Animations a while back and it's so, so painstaking, they're a special breed of folk those animators).
Every time I see an interview with Seth I get disappointed all over again that I missed out on meeting him at New York Comic Con in October. The line got cut off like 15 people in front of me. SO CLOSE. =(

Love what he has to say about the reboot, and looking forward to new Robot Chicken!
Maybe Seth should beat everyone to the punch on this one with Joss's blessing and reboot Buffy in Robot Chicken.
"Nerds are more high brow."

QuoterGal: Now I'm going to think of nerds in tiaras and top hats.

Or just you know, balding. ;)

So "otaku" in this case would actually be the inclusive cultural belittlement. ;) (It covers more obsessions.)
I'm trying to keep tabs on Buffy actors who've come out against the reboot but I can't keep up.
... Pretty much all of them so far, right?
It might be easier to keep track of those who think it is a great idea.
Pretty much. Except, you know, Sarah. Not that she's doing interviews or has a blog, Twitter, etc though. Or even has a reason to speak up about it.
I kinda agree with Seth Green's assessment of geek vs nerd. Nerds are intellectual, but that intellect can be reflected into pop culture, like a comic nerd or film nerd. Geeks are just kinda socially awkward. Don't they refer to the zombies in the walking dead as geeks? Now I'm not saying metaphor...but you know, I am.
Oooooh, really really don't agree with the geek/nerd thing.
Spoken like a true geek, patxshand! :P just kidding, sorta.
And the man's right.
I always thought it was just the opposite; Geeks are more into gadgets and pop culture, while nerds are more socially awkward and hygenically challenged. I proudly identify as many types of geek (Whedon, wine, etc...)but don't see myself as a nerd at all. *shrug*
On the geek/nerd thing, I always thought it was the opposite to what Seth Green says and side with Matt Senreich. For me, a nerd has always been the maths genius or someone that spends there time tinkering away at some electronic thing, at the expense of social interaction. Whereas the geeks are people who into genre fiction, comics, computer games, etc. etc. For me, the term nerd would be an insult, whereas I quite happily refer to myself as a geek.

Agree completely with his assessment of the reboot though.
Yeah, Senreich is closer IMO. There's still a distinction I reckon but as with 'geek' itself, clouded it has become (<- see that's a geeky reference but making it at all is a bit nerdy ;). Nerds were traditionally the "pocket protector" crowd, into maths, computers and science but 10-15 years ago geeks overlapped with that group quite a bit (we used to say a geek was a nerd with a marketable skill). Nowadays it seems like everyone's a geek (about something) but not many self-identify as nerd. If i'm honest i'm a bit of both.

Basically, you can be a geek without having been in chess club but if you're a nerd you better know a Sicilian from a French (but not necessarily a Brazilian ;).
we used to say a geek was a nerd with a marketable skill

I guess I kind of look at it this way; I'm a geek about all my fandom-related stuff, but a total nerd when it comes to my love of English. Time will tell if either turn out to be marketable skills. ;)

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