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January 07 2011

(SPOILER) The final artwork for Georges Jeanty's cover for Buffy #40. The somewhat ambiguous cover we previously saw in pencils form is now confirmed and in colour.

Your original title may have a bit spoilerly for some so I changed it something more neutral.
yeah, should have thought that one through, thanks!
Glad to have the final version of the cover.
Glad to see Dawn on it.
So, why did they keep Dawn off the cover?
they were playing the Dawn is gonna die card pretty hard. what with the cover of #38 and that fact that Xander and Dawn were happy and making plans for the future. (Which usually meant one of them was doomed)
Yeah, they played it hard enough that it pretty much killed all the "Will Dawn die?" tension.

And does anyone else think Dawn looks a bit awkward here? I liked the cover and I remember my girlfriend looking at it and saying, "They look so... broken." So given #39, the cover did its job.

But Dawn looks... bored and spacey. Also, she's looking off in a different direction. I wonder what gives?

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But Giles is dead and he's on the cover, I think that caused my confusion...
Really happy to see this. The series is feeling more and more complete, like we can actually trust the last issue to tie it all up and leave us satisfied with the experience.
If Angel had a sword through his chest, I'd be much happier with it.
i think we'd all be a little happier if that happened.
I wonder why Spike isn't in the cover. Could be because Simone? (leaving this vague because I don't want spoiler anyone)
Ah, i love Jane Espenson she's such an amazing writer. she has set the bar high for a lot of other writers. i really hope she returns for season nine, she always has a presence in the Buffyverse that's like no other. It's weird thinking she or any other Buffy writer might have seen and read this post.

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I think Spike's omission simply fits with his overall relevance to S8 - come in late, help save the day, get forgotten/dismissed. Dawn appearing eliminates my guess about the previous cover, that it represented the 'early' days of the Scoobies in Sunnydale (e.g., S1-S3). Now, I'm hard pressed to find a central theme linking all the characters (e.g., can't be those showing up in S9 because of Giles, can't be those most loved by Buffy due to Faith, can't be all the characters who have some scenes [assuming Giles' funeral is a character scene] in this issue since Spike is missing, etc). Interested in other theories.
I still think they messed up Angel too much...I'd like it better if he were still like he was during the show. I may have fallen behind, but did he let himself become Twilight on purpose?
@HappyMeal, Right there with you!!! And, where the heck is Spike??!! Hasn't he become a pretty integral part of this, the final arc of Season 8?

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Yeah but at the end.
If this was the tv show he would have been credited as guest star these past few issues and not as a regular. I hope they never make Spike as stupid and reckless as Angel. but let's face it, Angel's always been a bit of an idiot. personally i think he was misinformed about what would happen with Twilight. but in the end he figured he was fixing the world and he'd be able to eventually help all of those who were in danger.

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@GilesQueen-I think so, yes. It's ... kind of confusing.
Nathan, you're bordering on character bashing which is frowned upon here.
i know, apologies. but i'm still in mourning over Giles, he's dead because of Angel. i just Don't think i can ever forgive or trust him again. sorry if it seemed like i was bashing him, it was more of me Criticizing him with agression, again apologies.

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