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January 07 2011

Gail Simone to write for Buffy Season 9? The comic book writer comments on being asked by Dark Horse (via Bleeding Cool).

I've read some of her DC comics work and I think she would be a great writer for Buffy.
I hate to keep being this guy, but: We can't just link to where they got their info: a forum post by Simone herself?
I was just giving the credit to the place where I found it. Here's the link to the forum post.

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I think she'd be a good fit.
Aww, well this is pleasant! I liked her stuff, I also just watched 'Birds of Prey', having been a fan of the comics I decided to try it out, wasn't very good, entertaining, but not very good.

But I digress, Simone was very good at the comic, she really captured the frustrations of the characters when dealing with each other in these tense life or death situations so I can't wait to see how she writes Buffy and co after the fallout from this season.
Yay! Gail has a terrific sense of humor, and will feel like a perfect fit for this series.
That would be some exciting new blood! Gail's work on Secret Six always has me grinning like an idiot by the time I'm through reading it. :)
That is exciting. Now all we need is Amanda Conner in addition and we'll be all set!
Devin Grayson, Devin Grayson, Devin Grayson.

But yep, Gail Simone would also be cool, 'Villains United' was one of the few parts of 'Infinite Crisis' that I didn't want to tear into a million tiny pieces and feed to piranhas.
I was just giving the credit to the place where I found it

Where possible link to the original source. Credit where credit is due and all that.

And I thought it might have been Rucka seeing as he has written for the Buffyverse before.
Nothing in Gail's post actually indicates when she was offered the gig (this might have been pre-Season 8, for all we know) or whether she is going to take it (I actually thought she was DC-exclusive).

I like BleedingCool, but often its news items are more wishful-thinking items.

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@Niels, I don't know about the extent of this but some of the DC (and Marvel as well) exclusive contracts only pertained to writers not working for the other of the Big 2.
That was mostly Marvel, because DC has (well, had) imprints for their writers to take their creator-owned and non-superhero projects. But I have no idea for how long Gail signed--it's entirely possible the exclusive has quietly ended by now.
And now I am told by Rich Johnston himself that his article was based on more than that post alone.

So, then I'll just say: Interesting. Very, very interesting.
I'm quite dispirited and disappointed by this possibility.

It seems to me that she only has one note for the books that imo are okay (such as Secret Six) and that when she attempts to write in any other style I have found her work to be quite lackluster. I do not admire some of her actions, such as some of the things that she said and did while she was writing Wonder Woman. She very much strikes me as someone who is thin-skinned and unable to accept criticism.

I bought both covers of every issue of Season 8, to support the franchise even when I wasn't loving the comic itself, but if Simone turns out to be involved in S9, I honestly don't think that I will continue to do so. Congratulations to those who would welcome this news.
I thought DC were sorta linked with Dark Horse cause of the way they did Batman through both, right?
Nah, it's just that Batman's a cross-licencing slut of epic proportions ;) - he's played with Alien, Predator, Wolverine, The Punisher, Judge Dredd (3 or 4 times), the Planetary team, Captain America, Daredevil, Spider-man, Doc Savage and the list goes on. DC and Dark Horse are competitors, they just both know what's good for business and that'd be ol' long ears.

(it helps that, being a non-super super-hero, he can fit into a lot of different universes without disturbing them too much and I also think that darker heroes cross-over more easily than lighter ones - if the universe is dark then he just fits, if it's light then he provides a nice contrast)

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