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January 07 2011

(SPOILER) Dollhouse Star joins Community cast as a love interest. Enver Gjokaj will play an "attractive, accent-y, oily Eastern European fella." Seriously. That's what it said.

These are a few of my favorite things....
YES! YES! YES! I didn't think it was possible for me to love Community more...
I watch from time to time, but I'll definitely have to watch it when Enver is on.
can't wait! community is awesome this season.
It seems like it's time for me to actually start watching Community.

And when I read the subject, I actually thought, 'I did not know there was a gay character on Community.' lol
Hey, you, ben_b55 - how dare you watch "from time to time"? I'm also surprised to hear Community even has casual viewers.

Anyway, love the show, adore Enver and I hope this has reoccurring potential very much.
This show is perfect for him. I adore Community. You don't often see a sitcom with layers and so much character depth.
LOVE Enver! LOVE Community! I can't wait.

Honestly, Enver in anything is exciting. I want to see him take the lead in a film. The guy's amazing, he deserves it.
How can this show get any more perfect? Answer: Enver Gjokaj.

I will fangirl this news forever.
I may or may not have a serious crush on Enver, so I'll be "fangirling" this as well. hahahahaha
This seriously just made my day. Like, really really really. Too excited for proper sentences.
So excited! Community is one of my favorite shows, and I Love Enver. Can't wait!
Awesome news.
YES! Enver pilot being made. Now Enver on Community. If only Fran could show up somewhere now...
I love both Community and Enver, so this is great news. The role doesn't sound like much of stretch for him though. I'd love to see him in something that really makes him use those mad chops.
Enver on Community?!?!!!!! I am made of joy and starlight.
I am so excited!!!
IMHO, Community is the best American show on television.

It just got better.
Love Community.
Love Enver.
By the description, is it fair to call E's character "Eurotrash?"
Ennyhoo, the way Community is set up, Enver shouldn't lack for stretching of his character. They are all called upon to exercise their acting chops as plots go surreal, blanket forts arise, and paintballs fill the air.
Looking forward to this.
Enver was also cast as a star in a pilot for USA a while back. Dichen seems to be doing well too, getting a few guest spots here and there. Hopefully she can get something bigger soon. Olivia's been doing fantastic films. Eliza is doing her thing producing and guest staring.

The only actors we haven't really heard about are Miracle, Tahmoh and Harry Lennix.

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Pilot season has just barely started for network. I'm sure we will be hearing Tahmoh, Miracle and Harry news before the middle of April.
Community -- best show on TV.
Enver -- best actor on TV.

We all win. Yay!
Yep, actor of win guests on show of win thus making win the only possible outcome.

(and the 'whoopee' tag made me smile ;)
FloralBonnet you made me laugh! LOVE Community; why must I wait 'til March to see this? Also echo sentiments upthread about Fran!
Yay, I fell in love with the show again and finally watched every single episode I missed. That said, Britta is not exactly the most fun character I could imagine Enver working with, even if I suppose she's the most reasonable.

Custody law though? That seems like a Shirley plotline I would imagine and I'm curious whether or not this episode's A and B storylines would end up crossing as brilliantly as the Conspiracy Theory and Interior Design one.
I'm going to have to start watching Community.
FWIW, i'd recommend you start from the start if you have the time/ability latinandgreek (and give it until episode 9, "Debate 109" - if it hasn't grabbed you by then it likely won't) just because though it's got great "zingers" there's also a lot of character based comedy, callbacks and meta-references in there.

And also because if you start from now you'll miss "Modern Warfare" and "Cooperative Calligraphy".
And the chicken fingers episode. And the best Christmas episode of all time.

Seriously, after Dollhouse went off air, Community became my favorite thing on TV, by a long shot. I don't remember a show being so good after such a short while. It has all the ingredients that made Buffy a classic, but it got there much faster than Buffy ever did. It will stay under the radar for quite a while, I guess, but very soon I hope this show will attract a cult following like Joss' shows do.

And Enver might just help with that.

Wonderful news.
Community isn't your usual show. It's also TOTALLY AWESOME.

FYI, Harry just did an Undercovers, Amy was just in CSI and she's got a USA pilot too.
And the best Christmas episode of all time.

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" you mean wiesengrund ? Wasn't it though ? And last year's was none too shabby either (Anthony Michael Hall FTW !).

My favourite show on at the moment by a fair way.
AUC, yes, Saje. Incredible. I was just stunned. It got me to the point where OMWF got me, emotionally, but we're talking about the middle of the second season of a half-hour comedy here. I was just mesmerized. And it has the effect of a "very special episode" you can show to friends who have not seen to show to just get a glimpse of the awesomeness that is hidden in this show and these characters, but, and I learned that via experiment, people actually get the nuances more easily than with OMWF, because it works better as a standalone than OMWF. OMWF ist epically awesome, but a lot of it comes from the ongoing storyline and the importance of certain events and themes that have been built up over the course of five years. AUC just goes out there, grabs you with a gimmick like OMWF did (stop motion in this case, musical in the other), and then just flat out outperforms every storytelling- or emotional expectation you could have had from a gimmick episode.

You could, maybe, compare it to the emotional importance of "Innocence", also middle of the second season, and a big time event where you say, years down the road: "Remember when this show got really amazing? That was that episode." But, of course, Community works by its very own rules, and should not be compared too much to other shows. So, maybe I should stop. :)

What I also love about Community (not only AUC, but especially there) is that they also do the genre hopping bricolage of storytelling Joss' show often do, but it goes all in in each and every case. By the time you're five minutes into the show, you really are in a war-movie, a mafia-movie, a zombie-movie, a Charlie Kaufman-movie, in Winter Wonderland etc. It dares do be more ridiculous and sincere in its visceral wallowing through American storytelling canons than most of the genre checking that I have seen before.

This one's a keeper. I just hope they don't burn out too soon. (Community most definetly must be the most craziest and funniest writers room to work in right now. How lang can you hold that up?)
Given the ratings (under 5 million) I reckon that Dan Harmon et al are basically just thinking "What the hell, let's leave a mark while we're here" and that's a) exactly the right thing to do IMO and b) really gutsy - they could try to pander, change the show to attract viewers but they're staying true to themselves, going all-out, balls to the wall and making genuinely memorable TV in the process (and besides, though i'm sure they could work around it, the show's got a fairly natural maximum 4 year lifespan anyway just because of the length of Jeff's degree).

The comparison i've made before is to MASH because not only is it really warm and funny (and more than that, witty) it's also willing to go to some fairly dramatic places (as with AUC which had not only the Christmas message but also a big dollop of emotional truth and darkness as part of that message. "Introduction to Film" - with Abed's Dad - is probably the first episode where I thought "Hmm, this is more than 'just' a really good sitcom" but there's an element of it in most episodes).

Add to that the commitment to the show's reality and attention to detail throughout, the little touches that they just don't have to add (like e.g. the reflections in the TV screen at the end of AUC or actually showing onscreen what happened to the pen in "Cooperative Calligraphy") and there's a helluva lot there to love.

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I wish they'd make a Whedon alum a regular so there would always be Community talk here. I'm not a big animation fan, but that Christmas episode blew me away. When the episode started I was a little taken aback, but thought "If anyone can do this, they can." And did they ever.

Has anyone seen Monster House? It's a kid's movie, but Dan Harmon wrote it. (I have it in my Netflix queue--haven't seen it yet.)
I have seen Monster House, but I didn't know Harmon wrote it. I remember liking it, but now I think I have to check it out again.

ETA: Have to say, I love that a Community fansite's address is :)

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Not seen 'Monster House' (though i'll look out for it now) but I have seen "Heat Vision and Jack" - one of those "best pilots which never got to series" sort of things floating around the net - which Harmon co-wrote (and which stars [the voice of] Owen Wilson as well as Harmon's long-time friend, Very-Special-Guest-Star Jack Black ;) and though, as a parody of 80s action shows, it's broader than a lot of the stuff on 'Community' it's still pretty funny.
You might want to read this letter that Harmon wrote about Monsters House. It's not unsimilar to things that Joss has gone through.
Ah, shame that but cheers for the link hacksaway. Not having seen it I can't really talk about the film but what he says in the letter rings absolutely true both with the show itself and with stuff he's said in interview/commentaries etc. Harmon's said that 'Community' is in some ways a response to the cynical "comedy of humiliation" that's out there (much of which I also enjoy BTW) and that he wanted people to finish watching each episode feeling better about the world than when they sat down. That's one of the things I like about it.

(in the commentary for 'Environmental Science' - with the "Somewhere Out There..." duet - he talks about wishing he was around more as they filmed/edited it so he could've really made the ending emotionally uplifting. I dunno if he was being sarcastic but if not i'm kind of glad he wasn't cos as it is I already get a bit misty watching it ;)
Community is absolutely brilliant. Every episode just tops the previous one. I can't wait to see Enver in it!

I have many feelings on this subject. All of them positive, nay, OVERJOYED.
Okay, okay. I hear y'all. You've been so consistently rabid about the show whenever it crops up, that I have now caved. I've ordered the first season of "Community" from Amazon. I could use some uplifting funny.
Well... it's okay.

(worried that we've overhyped it now ;)
Whooooohooooo! As much as I already LOVE Community, this news has me very excited for upcoming episodes... especially given the kind of guys that Britta usually gets involved with!
"(worried that we've overhyped it now ;)"

Way to cover your arse. ;) I absolve y'all of any responsibility. I figure the WHEDONite factor makes it much better than an a 50/50 shot because we all apparently share a hive mind-- although I admit I still haven't figured out that odds calculating thing.
That's so awesome :D I've been watching Community all season, and I always like to see Enver.
...I absolve y'all of any responsibility

Everybody heard that right ? ;)

(in truth I really do think it's brilliant, it's just that does anything live up to its hype when nearly everyone is recommending it ? Particularly with comedy, which is so subjective)

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