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January 07 2011

Amy Acker's cameo on last night's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Amy plays the ex-girlfriend of a motorcycle crash victim in this short cameo.

Wish they had given her a little more to do. It's sad that Carrot Top and the geek from Alias got more screen time in the same episode.

Also featuring Laurence Fishburne*, hubby of the lovely Gina Torres. Wonder if they knew each other in the really real world before filming ?

* who also had more screen time BTW. Someone should write a letter.
Personally, wouldn't call her appearance "blink and you'll miss it." Limited screen time compared to even other guest stars? Yes, but the YouTube clip linked here is several minutes long and she's featured for the entire length. A cameo for sure, but...

Amy Acker; glorious as ever.
I hadn't paid attention to the cast list, so it was a nice surprise when she showed up.

I'm still shocked every time I see the Illyria stuff, too, she looks so different in that costume.
Thanks for this. It was awesome.
Blink and you'll miss? I blinked a bunch of times, I had to, my eyes needed to be moisturised and Moist wasn't around. But on the other hand "nap and you'll miss" may have been a more apt title.

Anyway, thanks for the link, she was all sorts of cute and funny!
Fine, I've changed it. Are we all happy now?
Actually I blink for a really long time so I never had a problem with it. Can we change it back ?

No. My feelings have been hurt, and that cannot be undone. Until I see some pumpkin pie. Or a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Or a Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard.
That's a lot of pie, like some kind of pumpocalypse !

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