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January 08 2011

According to Critics, Olivia Williams Was the Best of 2010. The National Society of Film Critics has anointed our former Dollhouse head-honcho with the 'Best Supporting Actress' award for her work in last year's political thriller "The Ghost Writer."

I still haven't seen this. Congratulations, Olivia Williams!
Worth a look I reckon Pointy. The film itself I found slightly predictable and though the lad McGregor's always great value, sometimes his (English) accent isn't exactly what you'd call flawless but it had a pretty effective slightly claustrophobic, oppressive vibe (helped by the lovely location most of it's set in) and Ms Williams was great playing damaged, vulnerable and sexy all without really seeming to be playing anything.

(and I may well try and catch "The King's Speech" next week, looks good)
Thank you for the pocket review, Saje!
Ah, watched this just a few days ago. Being a Yank, I cannot fault McGregor's accent -- too subtle a distinction for my jaundiced Western ears. (But I'd be interested in how American Kim Cattrall's British accent holds up to the finely-tuned English sensibilities hereabouts. It rang a wee bit false at times, to me.)

Performances are strong all around, but Olivia is the true standout. She earned this. And it has an absolutely amazing ending -- indelible, unforgettable, unexpected, perfect.

I guess my recommendation is a mite stronger than Saje's, but his carries far more weight. Because, y'know, being Saje and all.
Congratulations to Olivia!
You can also catch a glimpse of Ms. Williams in the trailer for Hanna. I hope it's viewable outside of US. Thank you for the further review, Tin Ear Tom!
That was a wonderful film and a wonderful and pained performance by Olivia Williams. It was superbly cast(big Pierce Brosnan fan, the parentals knew his dad, we're from the same town!). She absolutely stole the show, there was even a touch of Adelle DeWitt about her character, just a touch!

Also, cannot wait to see Hanna!! Thanks Pointy!
(But I'd be interested in how American Kim Cattrall's British accent holds up to the finely-tuned English sensibilities hereabouts. It rang a wee bit false at times, to me.)

Yeah, to me too Tin Ear Tom. Not terrible to my ear, quite a creditable attempt (i'd say ~ 0.2 Van Dykes - the SI scale for bad accents ;) but not 100% either, some of her vowels were off and in parts she sounded, if anything, slightly too English, as many Yanks do at times (maybe because they're consciously applying the elements that constitute an English accent, as you'd learn them from a book or a dialogue coach ?). And McGregor's hit and miss with accents I reckon, his Obi Wan/Alec Guinness was pretty good for instance but his general English accents often leave a bit to be desired (he's not a patch on his 'Trainspotting' co-star Jonny Lee Miller who I was surprised to hear wasn't Scottish after that part and some on here were surprised to hear wasn't American after 'Eli Stone' ;). He's a good actor otherwise though with presence and charisma out the wazoo so it's not a dealbreaker.
Olivia Williams definitely deserves recognition. She wasn't really on my radar pre-Dollhouse, but she has an incredibly extensive and successful career.

When it comes to 'The Ghost', I'm more on Saje's side. It was a good thriller that became bigger due to the real world parallels that made it so controversial. It certainly wasn't a bad film and had good performances all round, it just wasn't anything special.
Isn't Kim Cattrall English? *checks* Ah, brought up in England and Canada.
Yeah, doesn't mean much I suppose. She still does an imperfect English accent (or an imperfect RP anyway, maybe her Scouse - she was born in Liverpool - is excellent ;). But yep, internets says she moved when she was 3 months old then came back and lived in London for a few years at age 11. Paul McGillion (from 'Stargate: Atlantis') was born in Paisley, lived there until he was 2 and like Ms Cattrall, went back there for a few years as a teenager but if you can find a Scot (or even a Brit) that honestly thinks his Scottish accent is spot on i'll eat something unpleasant like a hat or Brussel sprout Leaf ;). Amanda Tapping was born in Essex and likewise, her (English) accent in 'Sanctuary' is OK but never perfect.

(interestingly Kim Cattrall apparently had joint British/Canadian citizenship until 2008 when she became a US citizen - maybe now she's all three ? Can you even do that ?)
Pretty sure it's only dual for most countries that allow someone to hold alternative citizenship, Saje. Least I haven't heard of or met anyone with triple citizenship...
Me neither so that's what I figured. Not a great deal then really, giving up two for one ;).
Could you not give up one and get one instead?! Like keeping the receipt? Although getting a US visa is majorly awkward, I'd still rather residency and to keep my own citizenship. The bonuses aren't that much...
There should definitely be some sort of money back guarantee at least. It's like I always say: if it applies to toasters it should apply to citizenship.

If, for instance, my toaster started water-boarding people then i'd immediately take it straight back and swap it for another one. Same diff.
I agree! Or at least a trading system for people with more than one. I currently have residency in one country and would willingly swap it with someone for residency in another. Any Americans out there wanna try this? japanese residency up for exchange!

I wonder what Olivia Williams has? is she simply British? does she have something in America? One wonders these things about actors, it's not simply who they're hooking up with or the designer drug of the week, but what sort of foreigner visa they hold? Is she a non-resident alien in America for a temporary term? what did Anthony Stewart Head have? Perez Hilton just doesn't have the goods for me.
Pretty sure both Olivia Williams and ASH are straightforwardly British and so presumably need a work visa the same as anyone else (in fact i've vague mental tickles of ASH having some sort of visa issue at some point during Buffy's run ?). So yep, they're aliens, legal aliens... ;).

Some (former) Brits like e.g. Anthony Hopkins claim they took on US citizenship purely because it's easier for work/tax related reasons though I must admit that seems a bit thin to me (seems there must be some preference for your adopted country - or antipathy towards your country of origin - to inspire you to make such a comparatively big change).
Kim Cattrall apparently had joint British/Canadian citizenship until 2008 when she became a US citizen - maybe now she's all three

She would retain her birth and new citizenship and lose her Canadian citizenship, like David Hewlett, or so it is my understanding.
sorry, i can't find the story about the award from the link. ????

The Ghost Writer was tremendously atmospheric, I thought, on the big screen. An exceptional, quite superb thriller, for my money.
It's at the end of the paragraph profknoff, just one line:
Supporting nods went to The King's Speech star Geoffrey Rush and The Ghost Writer's Olivia Williams.

(and cheers for the info BTW redeem147)

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