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January 10 2011

Castle gets renewed. Good news for Nathan Fillion fans.

Was there any doubt?
Yayz. And yea, I didn't think there was any doubt. The captain is doing a great job. We all knew he was a star, and someone finally gave him a chance.

I'm a fan of Castle. I mostly love their parody-ish scripts like the recent X-files one. That was great.
YAY! This makes me happy!
Castle get renewed.

Simon do typo ? ;)

Good news. Even though I only like-not-love the show, the world's still a smilier place with 'Castle' in it.
I just noticed that Modern Family, The Middle, and, best of all, Cougar Town for renewed. Fantastic!

Still haven't checked out Castle yet, will when I finish The Vampire Diaries.
Yeah, I also like (a lot)-not-love the show, but it is something I would miss were it gone. I definitely look forward to it on Mondays, and there aren't a lot of shows I can say that about, on any day.

While I enjoy the entire cast, Nathan is the hugest part of the equation. Having the Captain on my tv is a necessity, and hopefully it will end in him being the huge, huge star he deserves to be.
Castle is among the best shows on today.
Was so happy to see it got renewed. :)
I enjoy the show immensely- love that it makes me laugh.
Thank you, ABC!
(Hi, FM)
YEAH--I love my Castle
It'll take more than that to convince us you're a caveman. Let's see some paintings for instance.
Because cavemen are famous for always carrying about a few paintings? ;)

Anyway, great news! I'm still somewhat behind (I also like, but not love the show), but I'm still really glad to know we can look forward to some more Castle next year.
Exactly. It's art appreciation that makes a man a caveman.

...unless it's living in a cave ~ 40,000 years ago ? Actually, yeah, I think it's the cave thing.
Happy to see it doing so well. We're still sadly behind here though, as usual.

As for the caveman dilemma, we'll grab an astronaut and pit them against each other, and thereby come to a decisive conclusion.
Cougar Town was the renewal that made me happy. I like that Nathan has a regular gig though. It's recently dropped out of my rotation, but I enjoy watching it on occasion. The entire cast is great fun.
'Cougar Town's getting some good press, might give it another chance - to those liking it now, how did you feel about the earlier ones (up to about episode 12, where I stopped watching) ? I didn't really dislike it up to then, it was just a bit "meh".
I enjoy Castle mainly because there's just nothing not to like about Nathan Fillion and I also like Beckett & Castle's daughter, but the stories often seem pretty weak to me. And I wish that one detective would stop saying "Yo." It just doesn't come naturally to him.

Definitely happy about the renewal, though, because NF belongs on screen.
...I also like Beckett & Castle's daughter...



(but yeah, it's all about the chemistry - every now and then the mystery's half-decent but for the most part it's pretty formulaic, procedural-by-numbers. I just can't begrudge them the success though because everyone's apparently having so much fun and that comes across onscreen. Yo ;)
Pfft. Ambiguity rules!

(And see how naturally "yo" comes to Saje? Guess you have to be Scottish to pull it off. :)
It's probably something to do with being rained on a lot as a kid then ;).

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