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January 10 2011

UGO's Most Dramatic TV Rain Battles. The final scene from 'Not Fade Away' gets listed as does a certain Buffy/Angel fight.

Buffy vs Angelus under the sprinklers in the mall is in there too - here

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I'm unsure how the Lost battle outranks Angel's when they write how unnecessary and overdramatic it is in the article.
Do we know they're ranked ? Just because it's last in the list doesn't make it first surely ?

And Angel/Faith in 'Five by Five' was also pretty dramatic - not big fight wise but dramatic.
I found the fight with Faith in "Five by Five" more memorable. (Plus I love the story of how it came about - they wanted to do it in rain, but they couldn't afford a rain machine, but then it rained during the shoot anyway!)
Kismet I reckon ;).

And yep, whenever any of the women on the show break down it gets me but with Faith maybe even moreso - that's just not how she rolls. Powerful scene.

(but NFA is still NFA, tough to top in so many ways for me)
None of the fighting that was actually shown took place in the rain in 'Not Fade Away'. The battle there was after the scene faded to black. The Angel-Faith fight was much more dramatic, and actually took place, part of it anyways, in the rain.
Do sprinklers count as rain? Really? Well if they do then that fight has my full support for best of the bunch! Nothing like kicking your ex in the groin for some cold comfort. Plus, emotionally destroying!
I was just thinking earlier today that the Internet lets us come up with more and more absurd concepts for lists.
Wow, I came on here to bring up the Five x Five episode in Angel rain fight and seems I'm not alone. That was a terrific dramatic scene given the underlying context of it, not to mention they did kick the stuffing out of each other during and beforehand.
I was just thinking earlier today that the Internet lets us come up with more and more absurd concepts for lists.

Someone should do a Top 10 Most Absurd Lists.
Well, this is certainly different. Faith vs. Angel is hard to top, but NFA was something special. If the list was simply based on scenes in the rain, the Darla-Angel-Holtz scene in 'Lullaby' would definitely get my vote.

Consulted Google for the Top 10 Most Absurd Lists and came up with some serious contenders for the said list - e.g. Top 10 Most Absurd Redneck Bathrooms.
That is pretty absurd. Like more than 7 rednecks have bathrooms. As if.

(this comment's an attempt to make the Top 10 Denigrations Employing a Negative Stereotype The Denigrator Isn't Actually That Familiar With. And that list is itself an attempt to make the Top 10 Wordiest Lists list)

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