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January 10 2011

UGO List of TVs Most Shocking Deaths. Two Buffy deaths make it on the list.

Nice list. I remember Lucy from ER...she was one of my favorites. I didn't last much longer after her death. Not cause I was sad, I just grew out of ER.
I'd probably have Joyce Summers and Teri Bauer closer to the top. Same with Omar Little. Also kind of shocked David Palmer didn't make the list.
I'd have added . Don't know how they could leave out . And nobody from BSG made the list? Ok.

ETA: Decided to add the spoiler tags. :)

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It should go without saying BTW, this has MAJOR spoilers for several TV shows which people may not have watched or may not have finished watching. And so do the comments (not your fault Kaan, I should've known better ;).
This thread probably needs a spoiler warning. This list gives away a major spoiler (and a major plot point) for a death on Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
Henry Blake's death was the first major character I remember dying on a TV show. Living in small-town America long before the age of the internet, I don't remember if I knew he was leaving the show before the episode. But producers always left open the possibility of an actor's return to their shows as guest stars. Or so I thought. His death was really shocking at the time (although I came to like Col. Potter so much better over time).

So many of the other deaths on that list were also shocking. But they left off Rosalind Shays' death down the elevator shaft on LA Law. While I, like so many others, was glad to see the character go, it was such a shock (and such an inglorious end). Surely that death ranked above Artz's on Lost.
I'm surprised the list included Simon Donovan from West Wing, but not Mrs. Landingham. Poor Dolores. :(
Sorry Saje. I was torn between spoiler tagging my post or not. Then I thought, well if your gonna click on a list about shocking tv deaths there are gonna be some you didn't know about, and if you then read the comments about tv deaths you should fully expect people to talk about the shows that the list mentioned.

But I have seen people who still get upset whenever Serenity discussions crop up. So what age should a tv show/movie be until one doesn't have to worry about spoilers?
It's the eternal question but after much consideration i've settled on "Old enough for me to have seen it" ;).

And For god's sake don't say anything about 'The Sixth Sense', i'm 10 minutes from the end and so far my favourite part is that Bruce Willis is alive.

(and i'm still reading ! Totally asking for it now, Hell slap it into me, I just hope I take away some important lesson from this whole experience)
Some of the series on that list aren't old.
It's easier to discuss things like this if you point out the show/season before continuing onto your list.

I still hate the deaths in The Sopranos. I'm used to seeing loads of justification for deaths, or actual in-show reasoning, but it seemed so... pointless in that show. Brilliant though it was.

I agree with death in Lost. There are some other really tear-jerking moments, but one that chokes me up everytime. I was spoiled with the Sons of Anarchy but it was still disappointing to see it happen.

A very recent one was the latest HIMYM, imo. Gut-punching and gimmicky, but it worked. I guess some of The Vampire Diaries moments are too soon, as well? Hmm. That show loves to shock.
I'd like to have seen one of the Angel ones too...Doyle or Cordy or Wes should have made the list. Or Fred, it's hard to pick. Angel gets ignored too often even with Buffy mentions, and it's sad.

I might have included Warrick Brown from CSI too. Richie from Highlander was also a big shocker, and even though I only watched in reruns I can see why so many stopped watching afterward. (although to be truthful, Tessa's made me cry more)
Nice to see Kirk Acevedo twice on the list, (although he didn't really die in No. 12)
Other than the Buffy characters (which is pretty much chapter/verse by now, though I would have added Jenny or Buffy herself), Nate Fisher and Charlie Pace are the two that affected me the most emotionally of the shows I've followed on the list. Watched both from the very start - talk about the waterworks factory.

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