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January 11 2011

Nicely balanced review of Dollhouse Season 2 Blu Ray boxset. It's a review.

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Couldn't get past the first paragraph. Trying to paint Buffy as an example of why Joss couldn't catch a break? "Flaming out in its seventh season prime."? Just.... no.
I skimmed, to be honest. Not sure I can really agree with them about season 1 being more consistent. Both seasons had their issues and the mad dash to the finish line was certainly the problem with the second. The first was just unable to get out of the starting blocks properly, with numerous false starts (how long can I keep this metaphor running? - pun so intended.)

Overall though, the second has the far higher highs and not as low lows. Even the mediocre episodes (barring The Hollow Man,) are still better then most television, or they come with some incredible moments; Whiskey in the first episode, for example.

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