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January 11 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse solicitations for April 2011. Contains solicitations for the final Buffy Season 8 TPB (coming June 1). For those interested, Allie's (co-writer) B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered is also solicited, with the first book to come out on April 6. Featuring art by Karl Moline and covers by Moline and Jo Chen.

Any word or rumors on a Season 8 omnibus edition? The Walking Dead Compendium (issues 1-48) has made me absolutely fall in love with the format, and Season 8 could nicely fit in a single lovely doorstopper.

Otherwise, hey, the trades are nice enough :-)
SA has stated they will be collected in hardcover format, but I don't think they'll publish it in just one volume. I think it'll either be 2 or 4 HC volumes. Maybe after a couple of years they'll do something that collects them all in one edition.

But of course I have no idea what DH plan to do, so who knows.
No official word yet. Last we heard, IIRC, they were thinking of doing four HCs, ~10 issues per book.
In the oversized format "Tales" just came out in, perhaps?

Meanwhile, just after I sort of burnt out on the Hellboy books, they reel me back in, first with Scott Hampton drawing Hellboy, and now with a Young Liz mini.
anyone else not a fan of the orange?

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