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January 11 2011

Eight things you may not have known about Firefly. And if you're thinking "pics or it didn't happen" when you read about Han Solo appearing in every episode, well here's the proof.

This is fab.
Re: Han Solo - mind blown.
Oh I only knew about one of Han Solo's appearances.
I knew a lot of these, minus the Han Solo appearence and the verse being populated with visitors from other sci fi series.
That made me smile :)
I knew about all them things, other than the miniature Solos. Which is amazing! I clicked on the proof link before the main one, and my eyes were first drawn to the guy next to the drunk/bartender on the second image -- he looks like a Firefly'd up Han, no? :p
Spotted most of the name shout-outs when I watched the show, Bester and so on (and Alan Brennert isn't "just" a producer BTW, he's a writer too who's written some pretty decent short stories, TV episodes and comics including Detective Comics #500 "To Kill A Legend", still one of my favourite Batman stories) but I had no idea about any of the Han Solos and though I knew there was a Firefly in 'Battlestar Galactica' I didn't know there was a Viper in 'Firefly' (and how the hell did I miss the NCC 1701 ? Pretty distinctive ship no ?). The only trick missed was having the 'Heart of Gold' appear on 'Heart of Gold' ;).

Great link.
I had no idea about the mini Han Solo or the other ships but the rest of it, yeah. Glad to see the pictures though.
I knew about the carbonite Han Solo, but I had no idea it was used so frequently.
Wow. That makes me fairly wriggle with delight.
I have never seen that cast photo before. I love it!
I didn't know about the carbonite Han Solo's or the other ships in Heart of Gold, hah.
As if I needed another reason to watch the series over again...
Would consider this "previously known" if not for Han Solo in chocolate bar.
I think the "first" reference to a real person started with "Bendis" in Serenity. I think it was usually any DVD commentary by TIm Minear for Angel and Firefly that he mentioned so-and-so was named after somebody he knew. I'm vaguely remembering Jane Espenson doing that a lot, too.

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Four more eps to go from the Ovation week of Firefly. I am already enjoying the series so much and now there is the bonus of Hidden Pictures -- Han Solo style.

I am so feelin the love for this show...
Wow, that's a neat list. A commenter at the second link says Han is only in 9 episodes. Internet, do your magic.
Speaking of character names, in Serenity the movie, one of the derelict ships drifting in the Reaver range is named the Dortmunder. Dortmunder is the lead character in a series of comic crime novels by Donald Westlake. It's an unusual name so I'm presuming that was a shout-out.
Yes, Yes, YES!
I knew that name "Jubal Early" was nagging at me for some reason.

I'm midway through "The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara, which I happen to be reading right now, because of that old interview with Joss that showed up on Whedonesque a couple of weeks ago where he talks about how Firefly was inspired by reading "The Killer Angels" and I thought, that really has to be worth reading. Jubal Early is described thusly "A dark, cold, icy man, bitter alone." Someone who might become a bounty hunter? But that he was an ancestor of an actor who stars in a show inspired by a book he's a character in - that is just so meta.

I'm also guessing that "Mal Reynolds" got his last name from John Reynolds - "Perhaps the finest soldier in the Union Army....He has fallen in love late in life but the girl is Catholic...he wears her ring on a chain around his neck, under his uniform."

It is an astoundingly good book (and I speak as someone with no interest in military history or strategy about a book about the 4 days of the battle of Gettysburg. I mean if Joss Whedon's recommendation isn't good enough to go by, surely mine settles it, right?)

And the cameos of Han Solo and the Enterprise. AWESOME!
More coolness following up on the Google wave business (thanks wikipedia:

A crash message for Wave: "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

Another common error message, "Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret!" and it is matched with a sign declaring that "This wave is experiencing some turbulence and might explode. If you don't want to explode..."

During an event in Amsterdam, Netherlands it became apparent that the 60-strong team that was currently working on Wave in Sydney, Australia, use Joss Whedon-related references to describe, among others, the sandbox version of Wave, called Dollhouse.
Pshaw. Of course I knew all of that!

=) (sarcastic smile) Really, there needs to be a simple and clever text version of sarcasm. Though I prefer when sarcasm is easily understood by the intended audience, there are many forums when one has no idea when the sarcasm will be recognized.

I have trouble switching between Whedonesque, Pajiba, and my other favorite sites because I have to radically alter my tone to ensure I am properly understood.

And another honest statement: Fun list!
I knew a few of those but some were very interesting. I'm gonna have to rewatch and look for the hans solo...I love the big bang theory references, when I was watching the show they just made me laugh super hard. I do believe that Dollhouse also referenced firefly when Summer Glau was on and Echo finds the file on Bennett and says "She looks like she could kill you with her brain"
I laughed so hard when i heard Sheldon's: "It'll be on forever," remark!
The one Castle reference they make is incorrect. They said
"such as in the third season episode “Last Call” where Castle mentions he learned Chinese “at his last job.” It was from a TV show he used to love :-)
Interesting list, but some of their info is off. Both Wash's and Book's names are listed on their gravestones at the end of Serenity:

And Castle says he learned Chinese from a tv show he used to love:
Well, 'Firefly' != 'Serenity' but even given that, yep, the novelisation remark is wrong. The Book info is fine though - it doesn't say Book's name doesn't appear, it says Book's real name doesn't appear until "A Shepherd's Tale" (which is true).

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