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January 11 2011

Buffy is one of the Guardian's six TV superhero shows to watch. Buffy makes yet another TV list.

You know, I prefer heroes without masks and tights, those are just silly. Although fighting in 4 inch heels isn't exactly practical, still, she was as super a hero as they come.
I'd put Smallville, Lois and Clark and Adventures of Superman (cause he's my guy.) I'd leave out some of the others. And I'd definitely include Angel.
As long as there are humans on the planet, Buffy's themes will be timeless. Wish I could be around in 50 years to see if The Chosen collection gets converted to whatever the new tech is, but I'll settle for 30 or 40. I'm sure Joss' children and eventual nieces/nephews will see to it always being around for future generations.
Really? I used to love Lois and Clark when I was a kid! Always hated Smallville though, don't know why, just not my cup of tea. Lois and Clark used to be on a saturday night right before Buffy. ah, memories of new episodes...
I remember enjoying "The Greatest American hero" when it was on. It had a cape (a whole suit actually!) and flying. (Well...more like barely controlled directional levitation. ;) I think it could be counted as a precursor worthy of consideration.
Anybody tried out Misfits? Sounds interesting, and now this list is making me wonder if it's worth my time.
Yeah, Misfits gets a lot of praise and I would be the first one there to tell you that after the first season. The second, however, was just as loved by everyone except me apparently*. It has a good set of fun, interesting and consistent characters, mixed with new spins or completely bizarre and original individual episodes. It's just something that has to be seen although it doesn't escape everything - as with most of these shows; the first episode is a bit cliché. Keeps getting better and better, though.

So, yeah. Definitely worth your time. :)

*I imagine it stands-up as a whole against the first season, which I marathoned, but the wait inbetween episodes killed off a lot of suspense I had for S2 I believe. The finale/christmas special is excellently mad.
Misfits is very, very good.
"X is the British Y" gets said a lot (too much IMO, 'Hex' was the British Buffy, 'Doctor Who' 2005 is the British Buffy etc.) but if it was ever true then it's true this time - 'Misfits' is the British 'Heroes' on a lot of levels, not because it's our attempt to make a British version of that show but because it's the cynical, sarky, low-rent, foul-mouthed, piss-taking perspective on what it'd actually be like to have super-powers bestowed upon you. With added chavs ;). Not everyone's thing i'd imagine but well worth a look.

(the second series has more of a shape to it but it's as good as if not better than the - more meandering - first IMO. And the Christmas special was pretty decent too. A kinda-sorta nativity play the likes of which I suspect you won't have seen before ;)
Yay for Lois and Clark (and Buffy obviously), I love that silly show - and Tim wrote some great episodes for it!
Considering some of its company here, I wouldn't consider Buffy's inclusion much of a compliment.
Thanks guys, I'll definitely check it out then!

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